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Week of 1/4/2012 Harris Teeter Super Doubles trip #4:

 $20.97 worth of products at regular price for $2.15 OOP plus tax = 90% savings.
The Cereal and the White Chocolate creamer were free :)

Week of 1/4/2012 Harris Teeter Super Doubles trip #3

$15.77 worth of products for $3.84 for a total savings of  76%  I went for the Maalox Advanced Maximum  instead of the Regular strength because, well....because that's what we use ;)  I paid the difference only on the Maalox after my $1.50 coupon doubled...the rest was free.

Week of 1/4/2012 Harris Teeter Super Doubles trip #2

$114.98 worth of products that I needed down to $47.21  saved 59% and some change.  Cool things on this trip...Pantene SHAMPOO ONLY is on ZVR save $3.00 stacked with the P&G $3.00 off 2 made these $0.50each!  Also, the Bic Utility Lighter had a peelie for $1.00 any brand/any size fire log (which doubled) so I got the little combo below for $3.50!  The Boar's Head shopping bag was a freebie (should be after how much I buy of it ;) from the nice folks in my deli.  What eats up my savings is my Coffee indulgence and our daily vitamin regimens.  However, this coffee is already in a box which will be headed for Kuwait to my brother in law with some other goodies!

Week of 1/4/2012 Harris Teeter Super Doubles trip #1

My trip to Harris Teeter was just as planned =) If you'll look below at all the product and receipt....I was able to get $105.71 worth of items for $37.23 which includes a $1.00 SavingStar cash back eCoupon that will show up in my SavingStar account. That is about a 65% savings which is realistic for anyone who seriously uses coupons on a regular basis for items that they USE I have another trip planned on Friday as long as work pick up a few more items as there is a 20 double coupon limit per day.
***My delightful surprise was a ZVR savings of $0.50 on the Pringles Stix coupled with my $0.50 coupon that doubled made them FREE coz they were on sale for $1.49!***
ZVR coupons are electronic coupons you attach to your eVic card from the HT website so check that out if you havent already!
Happy Shopping!
♥ Manda

12/12 trip to Walgreens and CVS!

Lowes Foods 12/07/2011

Lowes Foods have changed their Fresh Rewards program to include GAS!  For every $100.00 you spend at Lowes, you'll earn a 5¢/gallon Fuel Reward at Wilco or Hess stations!  Click HERE to read about this great program!

My misc Rewards is a 5¢ per bag discount on my purchase

Harris Teeter 12/07/2011

I was extremely satisfied with my total today....THEN they handed me a $2.00 cash off on my next shopping trip compliments of Campbell's Condensed Soups!  Sahweeeeeeeeeet!

<<<< While I was shopping I found these =)  Grabbed a couple more Campbells Kitchen Savings and a couple coupons from tearpads!

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