Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Harris Teeter shopping 1-30-13 (Leland Triples)

I have to say I've not gone to the Harris Teeter in Leland's about 16mi one way for me = 32miles.  My Durango gets about 17-18 mpg, sooooooo...if gas is about $3.50/gallon I use almost 2 gallons of gas, so that puts me in the red by almost $7.00 up front...but today, I had a list suitable for enough savings to make up for that considering it's about 1 gallon to go to Mayfaire and back...ANYway...I have to continue to give Mayfaire CS kudos for their help when things don't happen as they, the ConAgra deal did not come off ($2.00 instant savings).  I had some extra coupons from last week when I did the same purchase (which came off no problem and the promo is to last until 2/5/13)...I asked about it and they fixed it...but the CS manager gave me the impression that she didn't want to find out why or care.  PLUS I can't EVEN decipher the totals (and I am normally good at it)...but I'm happy with my savings!

They didn't have the Men's +Care 6pk soap either btw ;)  so I didn't get that sweet $3.75 overage but I didn't count it in anyway since I assumed by going so late in the day most of the stores would be out...and this, I understand is a clearance item so probably will never restock, but we'll see...I'm going to ask for a raincheck when I go to Mayfaire anyway....but today I wasn't about to ask this gal for anything more LOL...she wasnt *rude* but she seemed frustrated by a couponer's question which makes me worry that some of those using coupons are less than respectful when they run into issues such as this...but couponing ethics are a whole other post in itself....

I purchased $101.80 (retail) worth of items today....

5 x 12pks Diet Coke/Coke Zero used 2 FREE coupons from My Coke Rewards = PLUS 75¢ cash back from Ibotta!  = 57¢ea

3 x Diet Pepsi 2L used 50¢ of printable found HERE (tripled)  PLUS FREE Pepsi 2L eVic ZVR ($2.19 off)    = FREE for all 3 AND created an overage of 69¢

5 x Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn used 75¢/2 (you can legally only use ONE coupon since you only pay for TWO boxes...if you try to use 2 coupons it will beep and chances are they wont take it) = 81¢/box

*4 x Rosarita Refried Beans used (2) 55¢/2 from SS 1/20 = 18¢/ea
*6 x Ro-Tel Tomatoes used (3) 50¢/2 from SS 1/20 = 25¢ea
        These 10 items should have generated a $2.00 instant savings (which they fixed) offer is good until 2/5/13 according to the flyer

***2 x Zatarain's Rice used (2) 50¢ off printable found HERE =  FREE 
***McCormick Chili Mix used 50¢ off TWO from RP 1/27 PLUS 50¢ evic ZVR = FREE plus 50¢ overage
***2 boxes McCormick Black Pepper @ $2.50/box (no coupon...rounded out the requirements for $3.00 instant savings)
***The Big Game/Big Flavor Promotion is HERE = $1.00 money maker for all products.

Kikkoman Soy Sauce $1.49 used 50¢ off ANY from February All You Magazine = FREE

2 x Knorr Rice Mix used 50¢/2 from RP 1/27 PLUS 50¢ eVic ZVR = FREE

1 McCormick Mushroom Gravy used 50¢ off from February All You Magazine = 9¢

1 Minute Rice used 50¢ off from February All You Magazine = 50¢ 

Well...ALL of my coupons *should* have doubled but only 15 actually scanned for $1.00 but I didnt have a $1.00 coupon on my hand *boggle* (a little old man was chatting with me while I was checking out [about coupons] so I missed some of the scans of the coupons <<< my mistake)

So, I paid $10.54 - 75¢ from Ibotta (rebate deposit)= $9.79 plus tax or a savings of 91%  I just can't figure out the rest and the CS manager at the store was less then helpful...NICE but NOT helpful when asking questions about coupons!  ;)

As you can see, the McCormick promo came off but the ConAgra promo did should appear on your receipt in the exact same way as the McCormick.  My guess is their machines assumed the deal was duplicated and didn't differentiate between the brands.


  1. I went to the Leland HT at 7:30 this morning and they did not have the Dove Men's care soap even then....I'm assuming they sold out last week and it won't be restocked....I did get the coke deal (also had 2 free 12 pk coupons) but got a Fanta and a Sprite which I had 75 cent ibotta coupons for and I also picked up the OR popcorn deal and the McCormick's taco seasoning.

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip!! So glad to see you saving good money! :)