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55¢ off any brand 2 dozen eggs!

WOOOOO this coupon is back!!  Grab it fast before it's gone!! 55¢ off any 2 doz eggs (any brand)! incredible egg

Harris Teeter Deals Beginning 3-13-13


 HOT deals beginning 03-13-13

Please note, Harris Teeter has had some policy changes most specifically they do not stack an electronic (eVic ZVR/Zaver) coupon with a paper coupon anymore. 
**Also, on a B2G3 sale you may only use a coupon for the two you BUY

>>> Coupon Policy for Harris Teeter
***You may use 20 coupons that double/day PER household*** Yes you may go every day…no you cannot go to different stores in one day and use 20/store.

Remember some sales continue from week to week so always check with the online web grocer for pricing.
Coupons.com printables
Red Plum printables
Coupon Network/Catalina printables
Smart Source printables
Harris Teeter eVic ZVRs

**I do these manually, so if you find an error, please email me so I can fix it

Minute Rice Steamers $1.00
            Use 50¢/1 printable = FREE
            OR from RP 3/03 = FREE

Friendship Cottage Cheese (5oz) $1.00
            Use 55¢ off printable (coupon states any TWO 5 oz or any 1 16oz) = 45¢ea wyb 2
            Leland triples = 18¢ea wyb 2

Hamburger Helper $1.00
            Use 75¢/3 from SS 2/03 or 3/03 = 50¢ea wyb 3
            Leland triples = 25¢ea wyb 3

Del Monte Tomatoes, Corn or Cut Green Beans 14.5-15.25oz $1.00
            Use 50¢/2 DM Tomatoes printable (must vote then coupon link emailed) = 50¢ea wyb 2
            Leland triples = 25¢ea wyb 2

Betty Crocker Boxed Au Gratin Potatoes $1.00
            Use 50¢/2 from SS 2/03 = 50¢ea wyb 2
            Leland triples = 25¢ea wyb 2

Minute Ready Rice $1.67
            Use 50¢ off printable or from RP 3/03 = 67¢ea
            Leland triples = 17¢ea

Totino Pizza Rolls $1.00
            Use 75¢/3 from SS 1/27 = 50¢ea wyb 3
            Leland triples = 25¢ea wyb 3

Harris Teeter Shredded cheeses B2G3 ($2.75ea)
            $1.10 ea wyb 5

Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix $2.00
            Use 75¢/2 printable = $1.25ea wyb 2
            Leland triples = 88¢ea wyb 2
            ***PLUS check SavingStar for 75¢/2 cash back = as low as 51¢ea wyb 2

Bisquick Mix 20oz $1.99
            Use 50¢ off printable = 99¢ea
            Leland triples = 49¢ea
            ***PLUS check SavingStar for 50¢ cash back = as low as FREE

Dixie Crystals Sugar 4lb $2.49
            Use 75¢ off printable = 99¢ea
            Leland triples = 24¢ea
            OR 50¢ off printable = $1.49
            Leland triples = 99¢

Fiber One Protein Bars $2.50
            Use 50¢ off from SS 3/03 = $1.50ea
            Leland triples = $1.00
            OR 50¢ off printable
            OR 60¢ off printable = $1.30ea
            Leland triples  = 70¢ea
            ***PLUS check SavingStar for 50¢ cash back = as low as 20¢

Fiber One 90 cal bars $2.50
            Use 50¢/1 printable = $1.50
            Leland triples = $1.00
            OR Use 50¢/2 from SS 1/27

Chex Mix 8.7oz $2.00
            Use 60¢/1 off printable = 80¢ea
            Leland triples = 20¢ea
            OR 50¢/2 from SS 1/27 or 3/3 = $1.50ea wyb 2
            Leland triples = $1.25ea wyb 2

Old El Paso Refried Beans $1.25
            Use 60¢/3 from SS 1/27 or printable here = 85¢ea wyb 3
            Leland triples = 65¢ea wyb 3  

Quaker Quakes $2.50
            Use $1.00/2 from February All You Magazine = $2.00ea wyb 2

International Delight Creamers 32oz $2.50
            Use 55¢/1 printable HERE or another one HERE = $1.40ea
            Leland triples = $1.00

Hormel Pepperoni Packs 5-7oz $3.00
            Use $1.00 off 2 printable = $2.50ea wyb 2
            OR use $1.00 off TWO from SS 1/20 (exp 3/18)

Pringles $1.50
            Use $1.00/4 from RP 3/10 = $1.25ea

Polaner All Fruit 10oz $2.00
            Use $1.00/2 printable = $1.50ea wyb 2

Cheez-Its BOGO ($1.88)
            Use $1.00/2 from RP 1/27 (exp 3/24) = $1.38ea wyb 2

Eight O Clock Coffee BOGO $3.24
            Use $1.00 off from SS 2/03 = $2.24

V8 Splash 64oz BOGO ($1.69)
            Use $1.00/3 from SS 2/03 = $1.36ea wyb 3

Cottonelle 12pk $6.99
            Use 55¢ off printable = $5.89
            Leland triples = $5.34

Ore Ida $2.69
            Look for $1.00/2 in SS 3/17
            PLUS $5.00 off $20 cash back from SavingStar

Newman's Own Frozen Pizza $5.00
            Use $1.00 off printable = $4.00

Classico Pasta Sauce B2G3 ($6.98/2) buy 10 (to follow coupon guideline)
            Use $1.00 off THREE from SS 2/10 OR printable here = $13.96 - $1.00 - $1.50 Catalina = $1.15ea wyb 10

Aleve 40-50ct $5.99
            Use $2.00 off from SS 1/06 = $3.99

Gain Detergent 50oz $4.99
            Use 40¢ off from RP 2/17 = $4.19
            Leland triples = $3.79

Glad Tall Kitchen Bags 40ct $5.99
            Use $1.00 off printable = $4.99

Friday, March 8, 2013

FREE workshops for Kids at Home Depot


Beginning in April, Home Depot is offering some FREE kid's workshops the first Saturday of every month!  All the kids get to keep their own crafts!  How awesome is that?!

homedepotkidswkshpThanks Hip2Save

Bumble Bee Tuna Recall

      bumblebeerecall   March 6, 2013 - Bumble Bee Foods, LLC, has issued a voluntary recall on specific codes of 5-ounce Chunk White Albacore and Chunk Light Tuna products. The recall has been issued because the products do not meet the company’s standards for seal tightness. While there have been no consumer complaints, loose seals can result in product contamination by spoilage organisms or pathogens that lead to illness if consumed.

Check your pantries for the following Bumble Bee products, which were distributed to retailers between January 17, 2013 and February 28, 2013:
• Brunswick Brand 5 oz Chunk Light Tuna in Water – 48 Count Case (Case UPC 6661332803)
• Bumble Bee Brand 5 oz Chunk Light Tuna in Water – 48 Count Case (Case UPC 8660000020)
• Bumble Bee Brand 5 oz Chunk Light Tuna in Vegetable Oil – 48 Count Case (Case UPC 8660000021)
• Bumble Bee Brand 5 oz Chunk White Albacore in Water – 24 Count Case (Case UPC 8660000025)
• Bumble Bee Brand 5 oz Chunk Light Tuna in Water – 6 Count Case of 4-Pack Cluster (Case UPC 8660000736)
• Bumble Bee Brand 5 oz Chunk White Albacore in Water – 6 Count Case of 8-Pack Cluster (Case UPC 8660000775)
• Bumble Bee Brand 5 oz Chunk White Albacore in Water – 6 Count Case of 8-Pack Cluster (Case UPCS 8660000776)

 Bumble Bee Consumer Affairs 24 hours a day at (800) 800-8572

If you have concerns about your tuna....please read the detailed information from the FDA website!

New Pampers Coupons

I didn't see any Pampers coupons in the last P&G insert....but, there are newly released printables out for them today :)

$2.00 off ONE Pampers Easy Ups Trainers $2.00 off ONE Pampers Easy Ups Trainers
$1.50 off ONE Pampers Swaddlers Diapers $1.50 off ONE Pampers Swaddlers Diapers
$1.50 off ONE Pampers Cruisers Diapers $1.50 off ONE Pampers Cruisers Diapers

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Home Made Simple P&G Coupon Book

$1.00 off Miracle Whip

 Head on over to Miracle Whip's Facebook page and grab you a couple prints for $1.00 off Miracle Whip Dressing 12oz or larger

Coupons in Today's Star News!

If you'd like some nice Lowe's Food's store coupons and a few manufacturer's coupons, grab today's Star News (Wednesday 3-6-13)!

The Dash Magazine not only is chock full of recipes, but it also has these coupons....

$2.00/1 Alive! Nulti-vitamins
75¢/1 Johnsonville sausage
$1.00/1 Hormel Compleats
35¢/1 any variety Eggland's Best eggs

There is a nice Lowes Foods Spring Into Savings coupon booklet good thru March 26th (remember these store coupons will stack with manufacturer coupons)  :)

This is just the mid spread of the Lowes Foods booklet...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

HOT CVS & Walgreens Almay Deals!!

*** UPDATE***   

THIS week until 3/09 at Walgreens...Almay buy one get one 50% off
example buy 2 x $7.49 (prices vary several at this price) = $11.24 - $5.00 off any TWO (2) Almay Cosmetic Product - $2.00/1 (2) or $4.00 from the March coupon booklet coupon = $2.24 or $1.12ea wyb 2!

Beginning 3-10-13 at CVS you can receive $4 ECB when you buy $10 in Almay cosmetics :)  Prices vary...for example buy 2 x $7.49 (prices vary onine) in Almay = $14.98 Use $5.00 off any TWO (2) Almay Cosmetic Product = $9.98 and receive your $4.00 ECB it's like getting them for $2.99 ea wyb 2.

I can't help but think this hot little coupon would be great stacked on a sale or clearance item at Target or one of the drug stores for an awesome deal!  :) 

Thanks Hip2Save for the heads up!

Harris Teeter Deals list beginning 3-6-13

Our area is NOT doing Super Doubles this week however Leland will continue triples...there are other rumors out for a different week, I will let you know what I know when I know it ;) HOT deals beginning 03-06-13 :) >>> Coupon Policy for Harris Teeter
***You may use 20 coupons that double/day PER household*** Yes you may go every day...no you cannot go to different stores in one day and use 20/store.

Remember some sales continue from week to week so always check with the online web grocer for pricing.
Coupons.com printables
Red Plum printables
Coupon Network/Catalina printables
Smart Source printables
Harris Teeter eVic ZVRs

**I do these manually, so if you find an error, please email me so I can fix it :) 

eVic Special 
Special K Cereal 12-14oz $1.97 (limit 2) 
Use 50¢ off printable = 97¢ 
Leland triples = 47¢ 

Heinz Homestyle Gravy $1.25
Use 75¢ off printable = FREE use zip 28405 (if you already printed this coupon, it reset the first of the month) 

El Monterey Burrito 5oz $1.29
Use $1.00 off El Monterey prod from RP 3/03 = 29¢ea 

Febreze Set & Refresh or Car Vent Clip $2.99 
Use $1.00 off from P&G 3/3 PLUS $1.00 eVic ZVR = 99¢ 

Capri Sun 10pack $2.00 
Use $1.00 cash back from Ibotta (if SuperV fruit/veg is included) = $1.00 

Velveeta Cheesy Skillets $2.00
Use $1.00 off from SS 2/24 = $1.00 

Caribou Coffee BOGO $5.24
Use $2.00 off from SS 3/3 = $3.24 (I'm SO excited!!) 

Pork Chops $2.77/lb Use $1.00 off printable (on any fresh pork)

Mrs Paul's Seafood BOGO $2.39
Use $1.00 off from SS 1/20 = 

Meow Mix 3.15lb $3.99
Use $1.00 off printable = $2.99 

Quaker Instant Grits BOGO $1.39
Use $1.00/2 from February All You Magazine = 89¢ea wyb 2 

Prego Sauce 24oz $2.00
Use 50¢/2 from SS 3/03 = $1.50ea wyb 2 
Leland triples = $1.00 ea wyb 2 

Finish Tabs BOGO $3.99
Use $1.25 off from SS 2/10 = $2.74 

Arm & Hammer Cat Litter 20lb BOGO $5.99
Use $2.00/2 from SS 1.20 = $4.99 wyb 2 
OR use $1.00 off printable = $4.99 

Lowes Foods Hot Deals List week begins 3-06-13

Dont forget to grab your FREE Coke and FREE Martha White from Aisle50 to put onto your Lowes Foods Rewards card...all you have to do is add it from Aisle50 then go to the store, get it...it comes off automatically at the checkout :) 

ALSO remember some of the sales from last week will continue...always be sure and check the prices online, this can particularly be beneficial if you are looking for triples savings in Leland or during a coupon event.

Coupons.com printables 
Red Plum printables
Coupon Network/Catalina printables
Smart Source printables

***Meal Deal = $8.99 down to $5.49(Wilm) - $4.99(Leland) (see breakdown)

Coke 2L - Use your FREE Coke (is a digital coupon at checkout) from Aisle50
NY Texas Toast, Garlic Breadsticks or Knots - Use 50¢ off any product from February All You Magazine OR 50¢ off Garlic Knots from SS 1/27 
Stouffer Dinner (31-40oz) - Use $1.50 off ***look for in SS 3/10 
Edy Ice Cream (48oz) 

Little Debbie Snack Cakes $1.50
Use 75¢ off from SS 2/03 = FREE (I don't have this coupon in my binder, but it is on the Data Base so I can't guarantee you might have this coupon)

Birds Eye Steam Fresh BOGO 94¢
Use 35¢ off printable (100% whole grain blend) = 24¢ 
Leland triples = FREE 

Yoplait Yogurt Cups 50¢ea
Use 40¢ off SIX printable 
OR Use 40¢/6 from SS 2/24 = 37¢ea wyb 6
PLUS 40¢/6 cash back from SavingStar = 30¢ea wyb 6 
Leland triples = 23¢ea wyb 6 (including SavingStar) 

Hormel Natural Chicken Strips (6oz) BOGO $1.99 
Use 50¢ off from SS 1/13 (exp 3/11) = 99¢ 
Leland triples = 49¢ 

Hormel Natural Choice Deli Meat $3.00
Use 50¢ off from SS 1/13 (exp 3/11) = $2.00 
Leland triples = $1.50 

Barilla Sauce $2.00, Barilla Pasta $1.00
Use $1.00 off Barilla pasta AND sauce from SS 2/03 = $2.00 for pasta AND sauce 

Chips Ahoy BOGO $1.94
Use $1/3 = $1.60ea wyb 3 
**note, some areas got the 75¢/2 that insert so it could make for a better deal if you have that one*** 

Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks BOGO $1.44
Use 60¢/2 printable = 84¢ea wyb 2 
Leland triples = 54¢ea wyb 2 
OR use 50¢/2 from SS 2/24 
***PLUS*** 50¢ cash back from SavingStar would make these as low as 29¢ wyb 2 for the Leland Lowes Foods shoppers and 59¢ wyb 2 for the other stores 

Trop50 89oz $4.99
Use 50¢ off printable = $3.99 
Leland triples = $3.49 
Cascade Action Pacs 16-20ct $3.99 
Use 50¢ off from P&G 3/03 = $2.99 
Leland triples = $2.49 

Pampers Diapers $9.99
Use $1.50 off printable = $8.49 

Seattle's Best Coffee $5.99
Use $1.50 off from SS 2/24 = $4.49 
OR use $1.50 printable


FREE Krispy Kreme Doughnut on March 10th!

I never mind losing an hour because I know it's warmer weather again!!  Getting a FREE glazed doughnut on that day makes it even better!
The Wilmington Krispy Kreme is listed on the page as participating :)  

New Altoids and Life Savers Coupons! ;)

Both of these coupons say "Available at Walmart" however, they are just manufacturer's coupons and can be used ANYWHERE ;) I think the Altoids coupon is pretty cool :) (well, they both are, but especially that one).
$0.50 off on any ONE (1) 1.76 oz. Altoids tin

$1.50 off any two Life Savers peg or laydown bags

Monday, March 4, 2013

Harris Teeter Leland, NC triples 3-04-13 saved $54.81 or 80%

I'm not going to rant more than this...the Customer Service (specifically management) team at the Leland Harris Teeter have been extremely rude to me on more than one occasion.  Today was no different, and I didn't even (dare) ask them for anything.  I spoke to the store manager in passing and he was hateful in reply...I think they are becoming burnt out with the ongoing triples....that's all I can figure out.  But I think I'm going to have to drop Corp and email so they can remind them who pays the bills over there...the customers!

ANYway...I was on a quest for yummy low fat grillin' stuff to put into the freezer for warm weather and a few other items.  They were out of several things I wanted, but I expected that, heaven forbid I ask for rainchecks (which I chose not to today since they were so nasty).

I got $68.66 in groceries today....BTW, the Garlic Shrimp Bird's Eye Voila! meal is really good :)

****please NOTE****  Something (3 coupons) didn't triple (or double for that matter) BUT I was so flustered by the rudeness, I wasn't EVEN going to inquire with CS over this...I tend to pick my battles and that was one wasn't worth my time or the $$ of the multiplied coupon.  None of the coupons said do not double, so I really cant figure that one out.

2 Voila! dinners Used (2) 50¢ off printables = $1.25ea

3 Mazola Spray Used a Raincheck plus 55¢ off from RP 2/10 = 34¢ea

2 Mahatma Rice Mixes Used 75¢/2 from RP 1/27 = FREE

Mahatma 32oz white rice Used 50¢ off from RP 1/27 = 50¢

2 Heinz Gravy Used $1.00 off printable (use zip 90210) = FREE

2 Sun Bird Seasonings Used (2) 80¢ off printables = FREE

6 Hillshire Farms Turkey Sausage/Kielbasa Used 75¢ off from RP 2/03 = $1.38ea (this might have been the one that didnt multiply even though it doesn't state dnd?)

Archway Ginger Snaps Used 75¢ off printable (NLA)

2 Campbell's Skillet Sauces Used (2) 75¢ off printables or 75¢ off from SS 1/20 PLUS $2.00 eVic ZVR = 52¢ money maker wyb 2

3 (variety) McCormick Spices I needed (several can be free)  Use 75¢ off from RP 3/03 = FREE - Cheap

I paid $13.85 OOP plus tax saving 80%  (my total should have been lower by the multiplication of 3 coupons so could have been lower by about $3.00)

Lowes Foods Leland, NC triples 3-04-13 Saved 95% or $49.57

I've had quite an event filled day!!  But I made a trip to Lowes Foods in Leland today.  The Manager and CS folks have really stepped up their game!  They managed to save my day after the rudeness that was being dished out at the Leland HT so Leland Lowes Foods gets a big Kudos!

I met several nice ladies in the store today :)  ~waves~  Told ya I'm terrible with names ;)  It was sure nice talking with you!

ALL my Aisle50 freebies came off at checkout without a problem...they show up as a digital coupon

$52.46 in groceries...

The Martha White and Diet Coke were FREE from Aisle50 (I had added the Coke to my card last year and totally forgot about it)

6 Whisker Lickin's  Used (3) 75¢/2 from RP 1/27 or SS 3/03 = 33¢ea

6 Oat Revolution Used (3) 75¢/2 Better Oats from SS 2/24 = FREE

4 Dial Hand Soap Used (4) 35¢/1 from RP 3/03 = FREE

2 Heinz Gravy Used (2)  $1.00 off printable (use zip 90210) = FREE
3 McCormick Garlic Salt Used (3) 75¢ off from RP 3/03 = FREE

Mahatma Rice 16oz Used 50¢ off from RP 1/27 = 15¢

Smart Balance Spreadable Butter Used 75¢ off printable = 40¢

Johnsonville Turkey Sausage Used 75¢/1 Johnsonville smoked or cooked sausage, March All You magazine

Paid $2.89 OOP plus tax saving $49.57 or 95%

If you wonder about certain coupons, check them out on my coupon database :)  You can find it HERE.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Zaycon is BACK in Wilmington! Chicken Breast $1.79/lb!

Here's the scoop on Zaycon Foods, they bring you FRESH (never frozen) meats at a crazy low price! 
I can't decide if I want 40lb or 80lb this time for delivery April 6th.  I have my freezer used down by half, and we rarely eat much red meat...this is a no brainer for me at $1.79/lb.  Anything you can buy in a store has either #1 been frozen and #2 from a source I know little about...PLUS it's priced $4.99 - $6.99/lb unless you can catch it on sale.  We hear daily about the hormone fed chicks that mature to butcher in 3 weeks?!  Uhhhhh....scary.  This is a great alternative!  If you can't use a 40lb case, you could split with someone.

When I do eat red meat, it's 90% or higher lean ground...they have 93% lean ground in the 10lb logs (4 per case) but I've yet to see an event in Wilmington.

Read more....

REALISM, we were out of eggs & coffee creamer

I want to show you my hubby's trip to Harris Teeter this morning since I'd like to talk about REALISM!

...he makes these little quick runs before breakfast if we need anything on the weekends.  This morning, I wanted to make healthy ham, cheese, hash brown omelets but only had THREE eggs, and we were *gasp* OUT of coffee creamer! (Since our Mahatma coupons only allow us ONE/transaction, I take one every so often until they're gone, so I sent him with one)...

$8.80 in retail of stuff we needed this morning...(even buying generic)

He used:

55¢ (doubled) off 2 (any brand) dozen cartons of eggs printable (NLA*) <<< too far to drive to Leland this morning before breakfast to triple it!

75¢ off 2 Mahatma Rice Mixes

Paid $4.06 OOP plus tax saving 54%

You have to realize the coffee creamer we ALWAYS use normally will get absorbed into an overage or into the overall percentage of a savings trip and was $3.14 of the $4.06 OOP ;)

so on the rest of the stuffs worth $5.96 he spent 92¢ and saved 85%

*see the NLA?  That means No Longer Available...so...I'm not trying to burn your ink or paper on crap...if you see it and don't print it right away it could be gone and you miss deals like 44¢ eggs ;)

20¢ For A Wholesome and HEALTHY (211 calorie) homemade breakfast omelet!

I am on a mission about REALISM not only in eating good with coupons (and losing weight), but how generally we have EVERYTHING we want to cook into a recipe in our stockpile/freezer.  I hear ALL the time how unhealthy using coupons is or how "there are NEVER any coupons I'd use"...these naysayers get under my skin because they preach things they do not understand and hand over their hard earned cash freely.

This is what we had/used for breakfast this morning...Hubby and I have been eating healthy since January 1st (and using coupons to do that!)...I've lost 22 and he's lost 12 pounds!  

Spray your omelet pan...
Toast/dry fry the hash browns until browned
Pour 3 egg whites (whipped with a fork) over those 
lay down 2 slices of Bistro Ham
Flip omelet over in pan (I used to own a diner, we did our omelets this way all the time, but if you can't, just use a spatula ;) ) and turn off the heat
Add 1/4c cheese (sometimes we use fat free sometimes the 2%)
Fold over with spatula or slide out onto plate while flipping in half...

THIS is a normal breakfast for us (especially on the weekends)!  So I did the math on this realistic meal...

Using my receipts and these links, I did all the math....
Harris Teeter 2/18 for the eggs, ham meat and cooking spray...
Lowes Leland 2/13 for the hash browns
Harris Teeter 1/26 for the Kraft shredded cheese

Hungry Jack Hash Browns 5¢/carton (6 servings so less than 1¢/serving)
            Use 50¢ off from SS 1/06 (doubles or triples)

Davidson Safest Choice Eggs 29¢/doz (when they had the eVic ZVR and 75¢ coupon that tripled printable from their website) = 2.5¢/egg

Kraft cheese 78¢/bag = several servings (7 servings so 11¢/serving) 
            Use $1.00 off TWO (2) KRAFT Natural Shredded Cheese

Land O Frost Bistro 4¢/pack (each pack has about 18 slices in it) we use 2 slices/omelet serving = .0044¢ (yes less than a penny) (coupon expired)

Mazola Cooking Spray 34¢/can (rain-check) and there is 584 servings/can we probably use 4 of their measured servings/omelet but we're gonna call this usage FREE ;) 
            Use 55¢ off from RP 2/10

Here is what we used for breakfast based on 2 omelets (ran out of Davidson Eggs (3 eggs) but the ones we got today (HT brand used 3 eggs) were only 44¢/dozen so it's not much different)

(60 cal)  Hungry Jack Hash Browns .016¢
(51 cal)  Eggs (we use egg whites no yolks so that's 3 eggs used/omelet) = 15¢
(80 cal)  Kraft shredded cheese 22¢
(20 cal) LOF Ham .009¢
(0 cal) Mazola = FREE

For TWO people to have a low fat, yummy, filling omelet it cost us .0395¢ rounded to 40¢ sooooo, divide that by TWO, each of us ate for 20¢!!  ;)

Each Omelet was 211 calories!!

IHOP Ham & Cheese omelet = 470 calories and it doesn't contain hash browns... hash browns = 320 calories/order at IHOP, so we had a few less potatoes, cut the 320 to half serving in our omelet (realism) = 160 + 470 = 630 calories...

OK naysayers...PERSPECTIVE, I not only paid 20¢ for MY omelet, but I saved myself 419 calories on my breakfast alone!

How's that for realism?  :)

FREE Sun-Bird Seasoning!

Use this coupon to score FREE with micro-money maker (2¢) at Walmart or FREE at Harris Teeter this week :)

$0.80 off any one Sun-Bird product

Nabisco Coupon of the Month - Belvita $1.00 off

Nabisco's coupon of the month for March is $1.00 off Belvita...only 50,000 coupons available so don't delay printing this!  

FREE Rita's Italian Ice on the First Day of Spring! (March 20th)

On the first day of Spring (March 20th) Rita's is giving away FREE Italian Ice from noon - 9pm.  

Getcha some :)