Monday, March 4, 2013

Harris Teeter Leland, NC triples 3-04-13 saved $54.81 or 80%

I'm not going to rant more than this...the Customer Service (specifically management) team at the Leland Harris Teeter have been extremely rude to me on more than one occasion.  Today was no different, and I didn't even (dare) ask them for anything.  I spoke to the store manager in passing and he was hateful in reply...I think they are becoming burnt out with the ongoing triples....that's all I can figure out.  But I think I'm going to have to drop Corp and email so they can remind them who pays the bills over there...the customers!

ANYway...I was on a quest for yummy low fat grillin' stuff to put into the freezer for warm weather and a few other items.  They were out of several things I wanted, but I expected that, heaven forbid I ask for rainchecks (which I chose not to today since they were so nasty).

I got $68.66 in groceries today....BTW, the Garlic Shrimp Bird's Eye Voila! meal is really good :)

****please NOTE****  Something (3 coupons) didn't triple (or double for that matter) BUT I was so flustered by the rudeness, I wasn't EVEN going to inquire with CS over this...I tend to pick my battles and that was one wasn't worth my time or the $$ of the multiplied coupon.  None of the coupons said do not double, so I really cant figure that one out.

2 Voila! dinners Used (2) 50¢ off printables = $1.25ea

3 Mazola Spray Used a Raincheck plus 55¢ off from RP 2/10 = 34¢ea

2 Mahatma Rice Mixes Used 75¢/2 from RP 1/27 = FREE

Mahatma 32oz white rice Used 50¢ off from RP 1/27 = 50¢

2 Heinz Gravy Used $1.00 off printable (use zip 90210) = FREE

2 Sun Bird Seasonings Used (2) 80¢ off printables = FREE

6 Hillshire Farms Turkey Sausage/Kielbasa Used 75¢ off from RP 2/03 = $1.38ea (this might have been the one that didnt multiply even though it doesn't state dnd?)

Archway Ginger Snaps Used 75¢ off printable (NLA)

2 Campbell's Skillet Sauces Used (2) 75¢ off printables or 75¢ off from SS 1/20 PLUS $2.00 eVic ZVR = 52¢ money maker wyb 2

3 (variety) McCormick Spices I needed (several can be free)  Use 75¢ off from RP 3/03 = FREE - Cheap

I paid $13.85 OOP plus tax saving 80%  (my total should have been lower by the multiplication of 3 coupons so could have been lower by about $3.00)

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