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August 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Stockpile August 2012

Well...I guess it had to be done HAHA...since I did the news tonight, there will (as always) be hecklers that will call us hoarders!  I didn't rearrange or reorganize before I shot these pics because I always try to bring things to you as reality....well, here's reality!!  The few things that I do have a ton of like cereal and Hamburger Helper, some dish soap, toothpaste, etc are earmarked for our next donation drive.  :)

I have this awesome pantry up in my bathroom that is perfect for all our HBAs!!

I have shelves I use for my stuff and it gets rotated often and several things get earmarked for our donation drives.

Also I have this great closet beside my laundry room so all the cleaning and smell goods live there!

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