Saturday, March 2, 2013

20¢ For A Wholesome and HEALTHY (211 calorie) homemade breakfast omelet!

I am on a mission about REALISM not only in eating good with coupons (and losing weight), but how generally we have EVERYTHING we want to cook into a recipe in our stockpile/freezer.  I hear ALL the time how unhealthy using coupons is or how "there are NEVER any coupons I'd use"...these naysayers get under my skin because they preach things they do not understand and hand over their hard earned cash freely.

This is what we had/used for breakfast this morning...Hubby and I have been eating healthy since January 1st (and using coupons to do that!)...I've lost 22 and he's lost 12 pounds!  

Spray your omelet pan...
Toast/dry fry the hash browns until browned
Pour 3 egg whites (whipped with a fork) over those 
lay down 2 slices of Bistro Ham
Flip omelet over in pan (I used to own a diner, we did our omelets this way all the time, but if you can't, just use a spatula ;) ) and turn off the heat
Add 1/4c cheese (sometimes we use fat free sometimes the 2%)
Fold over with spatula or slide out onto plate while flipping in half...

THIS is a normal breakfast for us (especially on the weekends)!  So I did the math on this realistic meal...

Using my receipts and these links, I did all the math....
Harris Teeter 2/18 for the eggs, ham meat and cooking spray...
Lowes Leland 2/13 for the hash browns
Harris Teeter 1/26 for the Kraft shredded cheese

Hungry Jack Hash Browns 5¢/carton (6 servings so less than 1¢/serving)
            Use 50¢ off from SS 1/06 (doubles or triples)

Davidson Safest Choice Eggs 29¢/doz (when they had the eVic ZVR and 75¢ coupon that tripled printable from their website) = 2.5¢/egg

Kraft cheese 78¢/bag = several servings (7 servings so 11¢/serving) 
            Use $1.00 off TWO (2) KRAFT Natural Shredded Cheese

Land O Frost Bistro 4¢/pack (each pack has about 18 slices in it) we use 2 slices/omelet serving = .0044¢ (yes less than a penny) (coupon expired)

Mazola Cooking Spray 34¢/can (rain-check) and there is 584 servings/can we probably use 4 of their measured servings/omelet but we're gonna call this usage FREE ;) 
            Use 55¢ off from RP 2/10

Here is what we used for breakfast based on 2 omelets (ran out of Davidson Eggs (3 eggs) but the ones we got today (HT brand used 3 eggs) were only 44¢/dozen so it's not much different)

(60 cal)  Hungry Jack Hash Browns .016¢
(51 cal)  Eggs (we use egg whites no yolks so that's 3 eggs used/omelet) = 15¢
(80 cal)  Kraft shredded cheese 22¢
(20 cal) LOF Ham .009¢
(0 cal) Mazola = FREE

For TWO people to have a low fat, yummy, filling omelet it cost us .0395¢ rounded to 40¢ sooooo, divide that by TWO, each of us ate for 20¢!!  ;)

Each Omelet was 211 calories!!

IHOP Ham & Cheese omelet = 470 calories and it doesn't contain hash browns... hash browns = 320 calories/order at IHOP, so we had a few less potatoes, cut the 320 to half serving in our omelet (realism) = 160 + 470 = 630 calories...

OK naysayers...PERSPECTIVE, I not only paid 20¢ for MY omelet, but I saved myself 419 calories on my breakfast alone!

How's that for realism?  :)

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