Monday, February 18, 2013

Combined trips to Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods 2-18-13 saved $158.03 or 70%

I wanted to run a gas deal at Lowes I went back today and they had the Canine Carry Outs back in stock...6 of those with 4 boxed Betty Crocker potatoes = 10¢ off/gallon.

Lowes Foods.... $112.85 in groceries...

HAHA forgot to put the cookie dough in the pic >.<

Paid $24.01 plus tax or a savings of 79%

I went to Harris Teeter with the purpose of getting eggs, cooking spray, lean ground beef and turkey, lunch meat, bread, fresh garlic and coffee creamer all of which I was out of...knowing this wasn't going to be one of my more stellar moments, I went to work gathering up rainchecks and coupons to soften the blow...

$115.91 in groceries....

Paid $47.13 plus I get 50¢ cash back from Ibotta = $46.63 or a savings of 60%, realistically speaking this is a great savings for what I needed :)

I intended to have an additional $7.00 off...however, it totally blew my mind that I couldn't use my Wags RRs at Harris Teeter in pharmacy...duh, such a newbie moment ;)  BUT, I can save these for a nice $7.00 head start on my Super Doubles week!

My combined trips:
$228.76 in groceries and paid $70.73 OOP plus tax...saving a grand total of $158.03 or 70% <<< LOVE it!  :)

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