Saturday, March 2, 2013

REALISM, we were out of eggs & coffee creamer

I want to show you my hubby's trip to Harris Teeter this morning since I'd like to talk about REALISM!

...he makes these little quick runs before breakfast if we need anything on the weekends.  This morning, I wanted to make healthy ham, cheese, hash brown omelets but only had THREE eggs, and we were *gasp* OUT of coffee creamer! (Since our Mahatma coupons only allow us ONE/transaction, I take one every so often until they're gone, so I sent him with one)...

$8.80 in retail of stuff we needed this morning...(even buying generic)

He used:

55¢ (doubled) off 2 (any brand) dozen cartons of eggs printable (NLA*) <<< too far to drive to Leland this morning before breakfast to triple it!

75¢ off 2 Mahatma Rice Mixes

Paid $4.06 OOP plus tax saving 54%

You have to realize the coffee creamer we ALWAYS use normally will get absorbed into an overage or into the overall percentage of a savings trip and was $3.14 of the $4.06 OOP ;)

so on the rest of the stuffs worth $5.96 he spent 92¢ and saved 85%

*see the NLA?  That means No Longer'm not trying to burn your ink or paper on crap...if you see it and don't print it right away it could be gone and you miss deals like 44¢ eggs ;)

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