Saturday, January 26, 2013

Harris Teeter 1-26-13 Shopping Trip

I'm posting this realistic trip for some of the folks who email me frustrated because not every trip is 90-100% savings...that is unrealistic and I try to explain that to them...My 100% days are fun, rewarding and stock friendly items...but we have to have regular items each week that there aren't coupons out there for, I stock up on chicken EVERY chance I get.  
Went to Harris Teeter today...the 2 x 12pks of Diet Coke missed the I snapped it separate ;)

$118.28 worth of groceries here...

these split breasts were 99¢/lb and only took me a few minutes to cut them up into breasts and tenders...we're guessing there's about 6 lbs of meat after removing bones and fat.  I spent $8.59 on the three if you divide that by 6 = $1.43/lb that's a GREAT I'm boiling the bones/fat for our next batch of doggie treats and some skimmed chicken broth for us.  

Had FREE coupons from My Coke Rewards for the 12pks, the rest of the coupons I used came out of Sunday papers except for the one for Chex Mix HERE, it plus stacked on the eVic ZVR and SavingStar which creates a moneymaker for one bag.
The Campbell's Skillet Sauces were a moneymaker after coupons and eVic ZVRs
ConAgra is giving us $2.00 (see receipt below) for buying 10 select items.

Paid $31.35 OOP before tax and didn't have coupons for my coffee creamer, fresh chicken breast or eggs.  Saved 74%  :)   

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