Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lowes Foods in Leland, NC Triples 8-6-12

The stock-up opportunities over at the Lowes Foods in Leland, NC are continuing!  The staff indicated there is no end in sight of the triple coupons :)
I just HAD to have regular half and half today (sarcasm)....so I paid ... *gasp*  full price for it...it was generic but still, a stray 2 bucks can destroy one's totals ;)  However, even with that, one of my items was a moneymaker today...can you guess which one?

I bought a total of $62.57 regular retail worth today....

My total was $7.68 ($8.18 - 50¢ back from SavingStar) plus tax or a savings of 88%  :)  I'm happy with that...but that half/half makes me cringe  ;)  *giggle*   Not really, but it goes to show you how something like that can derail even the best laid plans!!

Breakdown on sale prices when available...
3 Cheerios $2/$4.00 or $2.00ea
     Use 50¢ off printable from coupons.com or from SS 7/8 = 50¢ea
3 Bisquick $1.79
     Use 60¢ off printable from Betty Crocker, OR 50¢ printable from coupons.com AND/OR from SS 8/5 
     ****PLUS get 50¢ back from SavingStar! making one of those boxes a moneymaker of 50¢!
3 Johnson's Baby Powder $2.99
     Use 75¢ off from RP 7/29 = 74¢ea
2 Comet Bathroom Cleaner $2.65 (web grocer states $1.79 and is WRONG!) but still a great deal when
3 Dawn dish washing liquid $1.45
     Use 50¢ off from P&G 7/29 or various home mailers = FREE
1 Smuckers Toppings 2/$3.00  or $1.50ea
     Use 50¢ off from RP 6/10 = FREE
2 Lance Crackers 8pks $1.57
     Use 55¢ off printable from smartsource = FREE (should see this 55¢ coupon come out in Sunday's inserts!)
2 Yoplait Light with Granola $2.65
     Use 75¢ off printable from coupons.com AND/OR SS 7/15 = 40¢ea
Krunchers Dill Chips (YUM) $2.50
     Use 75¢ off from SS 6/17 = 25¢ea
2 Texas Pete 6oz 2/$1.00
     Use 40¢ off from SS 5/6 BUT if you want, use these as your 21st and 22nd coupons so they do NOT double or triple...I mean, is a 10¢ savings worth wasting one of your 20?  If so, I'd say go for it, but for me, letting it just come off was more prudent.

BTW, an "S" with a line over it is nursing shorthand for "without"...

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