Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quick Saturday Harris Teeter Trip 1-28-12

My quick Saturday morning trip to Harris Teeter before my dear hubby took me to lunch =)  Yes, I've already gotten my weekly groceries in the pictures linked previously, but since I wanted the Tide for $1.47 to save in case my homemade runs out, or possibly a donation, I picked up a few other things.  Rarely is there a spray butter coupon or eCoupon out and HT just released one and they were on BOGO!!  *happydance* for low/no fat butter spray!  Plus, I have a enough hot sauce, but thanks to Michelle, I saw the Sweet Chili Sauce double-pack deal and that was a no-brainer...we love that chili sauce on steamed rice and all kinds of other things!  Anyway....
Your total retail on these items is = $37.88
How much do ya suppose I paid OOP?

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Here's your breakdown....
$37.88 - $15.05 VIC savings - $4.60 ZVR(eVic coupons) - $12.20 in coupons = $6.03 plus tax OOP 
This is a savings of 84%

♥ Manda

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