Saturday, January 28, 2012

FREE Mason Jar Glasses **updated**

Free mason jar glasses and lip balm from FireFly Sweat Tea Vodka
Mason Jars 12 oz. glass (Set of 6)  Firefly Lip Balm w/ Rope

Thanks to for this sweet deal!

**According to their Facebook Page 23hrs ago...the glasses aren't free :(  But why then 23hrs later, does it still have a $0.00 price?  well..we only share correct, legit and ethical can get ONE glass if you sign up as a "Friend of the Fly"  when you go to their sign-up area =)  so I did that too and at least will get my ONE glass...about the lipbalm?  I dont know...they didn't comment on that as far as I could see, so it might be a freebie?  I dunno...don't hold me to that one!  =)

CLICK HERE FOR the link to Friends of the Fly

♥ Manda

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