Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lowes Foods Super Doubles Day 1 - 7/25/12 saved 91%

Lowes Foods Super Doubles day #1 7/25/12

$65.04 in retail products....

I paid $5.96 +tax OOP :)  this was a 91% savings!
As you can see by my receipt, I don't shop Lowes Foods very often...however, if they can jump in the ring and compete with Harris Teeter, they just might see my YTD Savings get a little higher ;)
As far as the breakdown and matchups go, I used most of what I had on >> this list I wrote earlier.  <<
However, the Lowes I go to did not have the Ecotrin or the appropriate size of Castleberry Stew, so I substituted Snackwells (2) and another Uncle Ben's coupon....ended up with 19 coupons but am pleased with what I got!

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