Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lowes Foods Triple event in Leland, NC (pilot program) 83% savings 7-17-12

I have to say, I am generally a Harris Teeter fan!  HOWever, I see Lowes Foods creeping up on the fun and jumping into the ring of values.  I made a visit to the Leland, NC Lowes today and found the store to be amazing!  It was laid out so nicely, organized, CLEAN and overall pleasing to the eye when you walk in!  Everything was easy to find which I was thankful for...being in a brand new store, I assumed it would be hard to find things.

$76.46 in retail products....

After Fresh Rewards -$22.87
Bag Savings (4)   -20¢
Tripled Coupons  -$40.20

I paid $13.19 plus tax or a savings of 83%!

Frosted Flakes $2.49 Used (4) 70¢ off 14oz+ from RP 7/8 = 36¢ea
Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles $2.00 Used (4) 55¢ off from RP 6/10 = 35¢ea
All Mighty Pacs $3.99 Used (2) 75¢ off from All's Facebook page = $1.74ea
Wasa Crispbread $3.19 Used (2) 75¢ off from Wasa's Facebook page = 94¢ea
Borden 2% Cheese $2.50 Used (3) 55¢ off from SS 6/10 = 85¢ea
Arm & Hammer Advanced White toothpaste $2.59 Used (3) 75¢ off from SS 4/1 or 5/6 = 34¢ea
Hot Pockets Snackers $3.00 Used (2) 75¢ off = 75¢ea printables from Coupons.com Savings Club (turning out to be worth the few dollars to join)

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