Thursday, August 2, 2012

Harris Teeter Shopping and the P&G Catalina Offer 8-2-12's the long and short of it....the P&G Catalina offer we've talked about works well.  IF you don't overshoot your mark....I'll explain in min.

Mare at I Got It Free With Coupons posted this pic for us a few days ago....this is a Harris Teeter offering...
It is figured on your purchase AFTER eVic ZVR eCoupons and BEFORE paper aware of that...I was but still got bit....a little

So, naturally I went for the purchase $50 get $15  ;)

Here's a pic of mostly the P&G items which totaled $56.25 (adding up all the sale prices)
I intended to knock off $5.75 in eVic ZVR savings...somehow I had an extra 75¢ which made it $6.50 putting me at $49.75 or 25¢ shy of the final $5.00 level....seriously?!  It was the mouthwashes....if you buy the big one, there is a ZVR for $1.00 off AND a paper coupon for the little one free....the little one had a ZVR attached to it too for 75¢ which I didn't realize I had!! Cornfused yet?  Sorry...just be aware of the exact ZVR matches.

Crest Pro Health
Downy Unstopables
Pampers Wipes
Covergirl Loose Powder
Covergirl Mascara
Covergirl Eyeliner
Duracell Batteries 12ct
Glide Floss
Dawn Dish Soap

HERE is a pic of my whole trip.....  There is $132.58 worth of regular retail products here...these are items I use and have needed like the batteries (12 pack) and Covergirl makeup, milk, ground beef, cheese, SODA...

I ended up paying $45.47 plus tax OOP
and got BACK my $10.00 off OYNO Catalina which is $10 in my pocket, SOOOOO, 
I paid $35.47 for this shopping trip...had I realized that silly 75¢ hidden ZVR, it could have been 30 bucks!! ;)  BUT...such is the life of a couponer!  I'm still extremely happy with a 74% total savings!!  PS...I had a $10 off $50 from Recycle bank I managed to hit the total for I jumped through a couple different total qualifying hoops ;)
Sorry, I'm just too tired and my brain hurts, so I apologize for not breaking this down to the exact coupons for each item....BUT, on a P&G deal like this one, I'd say it's a pretty safe bet they all came from the lates P&G insert ;)  Plus, the Coke needed no coupon...there is a $4.00 off 4 instant savings to go with the sale of buy 2 get 3 FREE!!  

Shoulda been $15 ;)  HAHAHA  I ♥ Couponing!

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