Thursday, May 10, 2012

Harris Teeter 5/10/12 *Realism @ 53%

Here is another realistic shopping trip...I now am caring for my 4yr old niece and there isn't a stockpile at her house...SOOOoooo we're working on a little one for us while her mommy and daddy are gone for several weeks!   We got our weekly stuff...deli turkey, deli cheese, eggs, milk, lean ground beef and bread on this run too, so I'm happy!

*Note the FIVE boxes of fruit snacks!  There is a printable for $0.60(doubles) off 2 (use 2)...when you buy FIVE boxes you instantly save $5.00 so...they are on sale for 2/$4 X 5 = $10.00 - $2.40 in coupons - $5.00 instant savings = $2.60 for 5 boxes =)  best deal of the day for Addie!

We got $133.40 in stuff...

-$15.20 in coupons
-$0.40 ZVR (Pillsbury rolls)
-$54.28 in Vic savings
= $63.52 + tax or a savings of 53%

Not one of our stellar trips, BUT working without a stockpile makes a huge difference so I have to think of it this way...we're starting from scratch ;)

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