Monday, February 4, 2013

Lowes Foods Triples in Leland 2-4-13

I also went over to Lowes Foods in Leland for a triples run...I was met by empty shelves!!  WOW!  I did have a chance to chat with Krista ~wave~   but...this is one of the reasons I rarely go over there unless I have another reason to go...too much gas burnt to not find what I'm looking for...I was only able to use 10 of 20 coupons today.  
(I never shop with my binder so I had no spares...there's a reason for that...if I shop with my binder, I'll buy crap that I really don't need...if I go in with a plan, I only spend what I intend to spend)

I got $38.91 worth of groceries....

These were all coupons found in the Sunday printables used...

Spent $3.55 OOP plus tax (should have been $3.40 but the girl didn't take off my bags that I TOLD her I had...)  but anyway...still saved 91%

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