Thursday, January 19, 2012

CVS & WalMart Shopping Trips 1-15-12

CVS first...

$12.49 OOP

So, here's how this happened...
Transaction #1
Coke 4/$10 (I am forEVER buying soda for our house!!)
3 x 6pks Scott Paper Towels (36 total rolls) for $5each or $15
1 Cottonelle Flushables in the dispenser (I wanted 2 but they only had one) for $2
1 Cottonelle Flushable Wipes refill pack for $2
M&Ms as filler because our LOCAL ad is Coke 4/$10 and the other regional one I was planning by online was for 4/$12!
This totaled $30.50 which qualified for the $10 CVS Cash card
I used a $4.50 ECB quarterly reward & 3 x Scott Paper Towels coupons for $1 each and a 50¢ Cottonelle coupon for the wipes.
Transaction #1 was $24.33 OOP

Transaction #2
Brita Pitcher for $14.99
2 X Reinventing Beauty Magazines (Each have $30 in coupons) for 99¢ each
totaled $16.97
I used $4.00 off Brita coupon
(this is where it's a bit tricky) they subtotal it and add tax BEFORE the CVS Cash Card comes off
so total was $14.16 after coupons and tax
THEN the $10 CVS Cash Card comes off
Transaction #2 was $4.16 OOP

Grand total was $28.49 OOP
$5.00 ECB back from the Brita
$10.00 mail in rebate from Brita

$1.00 deposit into my SavingStar account for the Scott Towels

so bottom line....

ALL this for $12.49

NOW...on to WalMart and if you know me personally, it takes a GREAT opportunity to even get me in there....but I am trying to pay more attention over there ;)

$8.54 OOP

Here's how THIS happened....

1 Arm & Hammer Ultra Last 20lb Kitty litter - $8.34
4 Purina One Beyond - $25.92
3 Up2U gum - $3.84
3 Oral B Floss Essentials - $2.91 (I meant to get 4 but had a brain fart)
Sub total $41.01 before tax

I used 4 x Purina One Beyond $5.00 off ea, 3 x Up2U $1.00 off ea, 3 x $1.00 off Oral B floss and 1 $1.00 off Ultra Last Kitty litter Printable. for a total of $27.00 off in coupons
Paid at register $16.88

THEN...I have a rebate for the total selling price of the kitty litter ($8.34)

So, $8.54 OOP

♥ Manda

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