Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Harris Teeter Super Doubles trip 8-8-12 saved 101% !!

I have to say...this was one of the most amazing shopping trips I've made to date!!  I got all these groceries and cosmetics which are a regular retail of $103.37  
I ended up using all 20 of my allotted coupons and all doubled.  I used my $10 P&G Catalina from last week for the fresh meat and hamburger buns.

Breakdown reflects sale prices....
4 varieties of large sized Hefty Slider bags $2.07ea Used (2) 55¢ off from their Facebook page  PLUS I used the $1.00 off 2 and 55¢ off 1 ZVRs = $1.13ea  (yes I wanted FOUR boxes ;)
2 Snausages $6.38/2  Used (2) $1.50 off from saver club = 19¢ea
2 Voila Chicken Parmesan $7.98/2 Used (2) $2.00 off from their Website = FREE
1 Tampax Pearl $4.49  Used $2.00 from P&G 7/29 PLUS $2.00 ZVR = FREE plus overage
1 Always Infinity Pads $4.99 Used $2.00 from P&G 7/29 PLUS $2.00 ZVR = FREE plus overage
2 Sambazon Acai Juice $2.99ea  Used (2) $1.50 from = FREE
3 Cooked Perfect Meatballs $2.87 ea  Used $1.00 off from SS 7/15 = 87¢ea
2 Met-RX bars $2.27ea  Used $2.00 off 2 from RP 8/5 PLUS $2.00 ZVR = FREE plus overage
2 Met-RX Big 100 bars $2.27ea Used $2.00 off 2 from RP 8/5 PLUS $2.00 ZVR = FREE plus overage
2 93% lean ground beef $3.81ea  No coupon used
2 Arnold's Sandwich Thins $3.69/2 Used (2) 55¢ off from Rubbermaid promotion = 75¢ea
1 bakery hamburger buns $1.99 Used $1.00 off dnd on product markdown coupon = 99¢
3 Covergirl eye enhancer eye shadows $1.79ea Used (3) $1.00 off from P&G 7/29 = FREE

Bottom Line...
I had a $10.00 Catalina from the P&G promotion last week which I used for my burger and buns
I scored some overages by using my ZVR eCoupons I added to my card
My total product total was -$1.31  (yes that's a negative)
Total in tax was $1.82 mainly on the cosmetics (non food)
total OOP was 51¢ or a total savings of   $104.68 or.....101%  ;)


  1. I did well. My total came to $2.47 after $8 in ZVR's, $10/50 from Recycle Bank. My coupons totalled $94.01. Plus there is a $20 coupon on the bottom of the receipt for a new or transferred RX. Thank you so much for the great match-ups! I recently found you and am thrilled! I think yours are more thorough than some other bloggers. For example the $1/2 from the Rubbermaid website! Genius!

    1. *cheer* Nice job!! I'm so glad I could help you! It makes what I do here worthwhile! =) Feel free to take a pic and share it on my Facebook page if you'd like!! It's always nice for people to see what each other gets...we learn a lot from each other!