Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Harris Teeter trip 1-25-12 $33.61 =)

Here's another realistic weekly grocery store trip from Harris Teeter from 1-25-12.  I am very proud of this one because there are a lot of higher dollar items such as peanut butter and Crystal Light I was able to stock up on a bit!  *happydance*  I bypassed the deli meat this week due to the $1.00/lb on split chicken breasts and am going to make chicken salad in it's place!  Also, the Heluva Good dips...yes, they expire within a month +/- BUT, did you know you can freeze them if you plan on cooking with them?  Try chicken breasts in the slow cooker or oven with a carton of this dip...over rice or pasta!  The banana chips are a bit on the high calorie side, but you have to remember, I have a bro-in-law deployed in Kuwait and he loves getting goodies in his care packages!

For $105.79 retail worth of items, I paid OOP $33.61 which includes tax.  That is a savings of 69% =)

So there ya have it....realistic shopping with coupons =)

♥ Manda

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