Thursday, January 3, 2013

Harris Teeter Super Doubles 1-3-13 (day 2) saved OVER 100%!

Today I had a VERY interesting trip to Harris Teeter!  I bought $66.99 retail worth of groceries....

I ended up with a NEGATIVE 69¢ after tax...uhhhh...yeah I had to swap out a few things due to them being out of stuff, but didn't anticipate it to be that far you see the Hershey bar...well, it was on sale too...HAHA I was STILL 5¢ to the negative, so I asked CS to just zero me out  :)  Love that!

I started out with a $2.00 Catalina which doubled = $4.00 credit up front...

2 Smart Balance Milk 
     Used Use $1.50 off from SS 12/02 = 99¢ea
2 Snackwells 
     Use $1.00 off from their Facebook page (limited prints) = FREE
3 Special K (2 were eVic special)
     Used 2- 70¢ off ONE printable here ($1.40 off) plus $2.00 instant savings plus $1.00 eVic ZVR = 21¢ea
3 House of Autry Cornbread Mix 
     Used $1.00 off from SS 11/11 = FREE
3 Classico Light Alfredo
2 Kikkoman 5oz
     Used 75¢ off coupon from = FREE
4 Uncle Ben's Rice
     Used $1.00 off TWO from RP 11/11 (exp 1/05) = FREE
1 Listerine (found a bonus pack 1L + 1.8oz which had another small bottle attached)
     Used $2.00 off Adult LISTERINE Mouthwash 1L or larger = FREE
3 Smithfield Ham Steaks
     Used $2.00 off from SS 12/09
1 Hormel Compleats
     Used $1 off Hormel Compleats microwave meal, SS 11/11 (exp 01/07) = FREE
Hershey Bar (as a filler) 59¢

I'm still ciphering on my register receipt as to how this actually zeroed out because only 19 of my coupons doubled...but I can't tell which one didn't double....but I have to only guess one coupon didn't adjust to zero and gave me the overage on my order?

NOW for the dilemma, generally Manufacturer Catalinas will "roll" meaning you get one for buying "XZY" and then on your next trip if you buy "XYZ" again with your groceries it will print...well, my $2.00 didnt print.  CS fixed it but now I'm wondering if this should have produced one...gonna research this coz I've only seen this happen at Walgreens with their RRs which NEVER roll...hmmm...anyone else roll this deal?

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