Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sending Flowers Over Christmas

My Grandma is pretty special =)  She lives about 10 or so hrs from me, so I send her flowers each year for Christmas with a keepsake included.  Well...the prices have gone THRU the roof on these!  So, here's what I did...I went through EBATES to score a 20% cash back....and once I was on the Telaflora site and ordering, I used a coupon code giving me 25% off my total order!  So...I managed to send this beautiful arrangement for around $67 which had an included discount of around $17 PLUS I'll get $13 back on next quarter's EBATES check!  That's a total of $30 savings!  The coupon code I used with Telaflora expired today, but here is one that is 25% off a bouquet....I can only assume that would mean on floral arrangements too?   worth a shot!    HDAY5S9

♥ Manda

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