Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paying it Forward

Here's what happened to me over Christmas...

Went to Lowe's to get an artificial Christmas tree...this will be our first year without a live tree so I was worried about the cost.  We found a really nice 7.5' unlit tree regular price of $100...sold out...the other tree we liked there was $127.  We asked about the floor model for the first one we picked out...we got the floor model for $78...they pitch out the floor model boxes but that's not a huge issue, so I was extremely happy with that!  We ended up saving $49!  Moral of the story is... don't be afraid to ask for the floor model if the deal you're seeking is sold out ;)

We had first gone to New River Pottery here in Wilmington and found a quality 4' pre-lit tree out on the floor on clearance because the bottom strand of lights wouldn't this is a $100 or so tree for $30 bucks?  Got a couple short strands of white lights for $1.50ea and a handful of green bread ties...problem solved.  This one is for a family in extreme hardship because we can't handle the fact they can't afford a tree (and we know for a fact they want one!)  Moral of this story?  Pay it forward if you can!!  The 30 bucks we used to help out this family came back to us more than half again as much at Lowe's!

So we move on to the mall and bought some "smell goods" with the Bath and Body works Free item when you buy $10.00!  Walked outta there saving 50%.

Lastly we did some shopping for a family his workplace adopted for Christmas ...he has a child to buy for, on the wish list is a pair of shoes and a we went to JC Penney for the shoes and used our $10 off $10 or more and scored a fantastic pair of toddler velcro closure Arizona brand leather boot-shoes which were on sale(they are adorable..they look just like a big boy pair of low cut hiking boots!)....cost us OOP only $8!  After a previous score on a $10 truck for him with a $4.00 Walgreen's in store coupon, we still have $6.00 out of our $20 budget for this little project to find him something else =)

Afterwards we were famished and in the mood for sushi...Valpak to the rescue...had a coupon for our favorite sushi joint, Nikki's in Wilmington!  One last moral.... don't throw away junk mail because there just might be some awesome coupons in it...always look thru it first!
It was a great day....I'm beat, and my feet HATE me right now!!

Don't forget to get your papers in the morning!

♥ Manda

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