Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is Healthy Stockpiling Possible?


A bit about stockpiling...
Coupon availability is cyclic.  Meaning, a certain coupon will come out at a specific time throughout the year.  It could be monthly, quarterly or yearly.  For the end of each October into November each year, I find all of my best coffee coupons coming around!  So....I buy up as many bags of coffee as I can while the coupons are good!  Of course I do this when the coffee is on my favorite coffee, Caribou is normally $9.99 for 12oz at Harris Teeter....when it's on sale, it can be anywhere from $6.99 to $7.99.  I can drop a $1.50 off coupon on top of that and get my fave coffee for $5.49 to $6.49.  And if I'm REALLY lucky, Caribou is on sale during Super Doubles week and I can get it for $3.99 to $4.99!  =)  I use my limit on like manufacture's coupons during that time =)  If you are a member of a coupon train, you can ask your buddies to print and send you extras!  Right now in my coffee stash, I still have 8 bags of Caribou Daybreak, 2 Dunkin Donuts and 2 Millhouse!  12 bag of coffee at regular price can run you $108-$120 bucks regular price!

The same goes for about anything you regularly use.  I Cant Believe Its not Butter will put out a coupon on a regular basis....I am not quite sure yet how frequently.  But, I have about 4 tubs of ICBINB light in my freezer which I purchased on a BOGO sale with a $1.00 or so off each tub coupon!

Here is an example from over the Holidays...these arent available now but there are others!
$1.00 OFF  $1.00 off one tub ICBINB

SAVE $3.00  $3.00 off 10  Smart Ones

Smart ones are regularly $4.35 for a common good meal.  Catch this on a BOGO sale for 10 and you already save $21.75m then put down your $3.00 off coupon...get all 10 for $18.73 or $1.87 each!  That's a healthy winner for sure!  I will get 20-30 of these (using 2-3 coupons) each time I can get this deal because spending $56.10 is a helluva lot better than spending $130.50!!  That's a %57 savings!
If you are REALLY lucky while you are waiting to strike with your will find these on special Buy 2Get3!  That one rocks major because you can get those same 30 meals for $23.10 or $0.77 each!
See where I'm goin with this?!  ;)

So...bottom line...when you see the coupon, grab it....whether it's in the newspaper inserts, Printable or in AllYou magazine.  Don't "oh I'll wait until the next time"...there may not be a next time for several months to a year for that particular item.
THEN, watch for your sale on these specific items.  When they go on sale, then grab as many of the items as you have coupons for (of course following the coupon specifics) or enough to last you and your family approximately one year.  Once you stockpile a year's worth of your item, then you wont be working on that one again for another year =)

**always rotate your items and check expiration dates...this is why I only stockpile enough for about a year.  Around the holidays, my stockpile takes a rather large hit...I will donate bags of items to various charities which makes room for my stockpile cycle to start over =)...on that note, never donate expired product...rotate, rotate, rotate!

Happy Stockpiling =)
♥ Manda

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