Thursday, January 19, 2012

To Make your Super Doubles even MORE Super!

PRINT PRINT PRINT your printables and have them ready!

Printable Coupons at Coupon Network

Your $1.50 off coupons will be your best bets...yeah they double up to $1.98 but who ever sees a coupon for $1.95 off??  ;p

If it says Do Not Double or DND....then it wont double.  Yeah you might get lucky on occasion, but the general policy rules state you cant double a DND coupon...even if it begins with a 5 in the code.

Being prepared is the number 1 bit of advice I can give you for Super Doubles week!!
The Online ordering area of the HT website is your BEST FRIEND ;)  The sales will be decent as want to pay attention to what regular price might be vs what a doubled coupon off would be...sometimes its just as sweet to buy regular price with a doubled coupon for an item you always use.

Watch the items on sale this week...many times they remain on sale through the next week but disappear off the written ad to make room for new sale items!

I will be posting some good deals once I can get through my binder vs the Express Lane ordering screens =)  Having this information on a Monday is nice so we can look through the regular price items first...then we only need to focus on the sale items Tuesday at Midnight when the ad breaks.

They update their Express Lane sale prices Tuesday's around 3-7pm for the next day...instead of waiting until midnight for the ad...I always run my coupon items thru the online Express Lane around 3-5pm so I can get into bed at a decent time =)

♥ Manda

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