Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cutting Coupons and the time I takes...

I received an email this morning asking me how I can justify "cutting all those coupons" since I'm now getting 4-6 copies each week of the Star News and this week got a couple copies of the RO to do some comparisons. I wanted to answer that publicly as it is a really GREAT question...

I use the binder system to hold all my all have probably heard me refer to that as my gun (my stockpile being my trophy case). do you avoid the long hours to cut cut cut then sort, sort, sort....then stuff stuff stuff? I date stamp all the whole inserts on the front page and which paper they came from...then, I just cut ONE insert from each different paper...on the back of those coupons, I mark the date, type of insert and name of paper it came in, then i slip these into my binder under the appropriate catagories ( I am a visual person so I need to SEE the coupon easily) ...the REST of the inserts I simply toss in a file system...I used to use a file box with hanging files....but lately migrated to an expanding pocket file since my awesome sister got me this rockin' bag for Christmas that holds both my binder and file folder, looks fashionable, isn't too bulky and simply makes me happy! =) She got it from  or 
 Visit them on the web HERE....  so a shameless plug for them this morning!  (no, I dont get paid to do that ;)

oh... regarding the expanding file...if you always place the current week in the next pocket behind, then you'll always know those at the front are expiring or even past expiration date, then once you fill your file, you start back at the front well for me, but may not be the answer for everyone.

Hope this answers the question and helps ya'll take a look at other methods some of us use!

♥ Manda 

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