Thursday, January 19, 2012

Southern Savers Workshop - Shallotte, NC 1-14-12 in review

OK...well, normally, I am a late sleeper on Saturday simply because the drug store sales don't roll until late night or the next morning and the grocery store deals are 4 days old.  Even the Saturday eVic can't roll me out of my warm cozy comfy pile of blankets and pillows....BUT I signed up for a coupon workshop hosted by Jenny from Southern Savers and I am VERY happy I didn't shut off my alarm clock and roll back over!!

Jenny was very realistic!  This is a trait I look for in someone who I like to  use as an example or share information from.  I personally am on that same realistic you can see by my last grocery run.  She starts her class by presenting a picture we can ALL relate to...real food, real savings and realistic expectations! So I knew from the first 5 minutes, I was going to like it!

She was able to hold your attention with her down to earth yet funny/charismatic personality!  She's a regular person like you and I...she's a stay at home RN/mommy with twins 6yrs and a 3yr old...she's "been there, done that" and that's another quality I like to see in a coach/mentor.

A lot of great tips and ideas were shared.  There was information for the newest newbies to the most seasoned veterans.  There are things out there I tend to toss into my blind spot and leave there forever, then they're gone for good...but I was able to bring those things back into perspective and move forward with them....for example the Video Values from  Rite Aid and their rebate system.  Once I heard RA wouldnt take 2 coupons on BOGO items, I tossed them into my blind spot and left them there....Jenny helped me bring them back around so I could take another, more informed look at them.

Michelle Li, News Anchor for Fox News Wilmington/WECT  features the workshop on her web can read it HERE.  Rest assured we'll be hearing a lot more about Southern Savers in the future =)

♥ Manda

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