Friday, January 20, 2012

Regarding Brita...

OK this article....then check out the link where they also shared the deal, but are also pulling their support of it and tossing it to Brita Coupon Wizards Why I Will Stand Behind Brita because this blogger is in agreement! is showing you how small little people get big bad information from bigger places....I was one of those people and received information from an EXtremely large and popular blog site....apparently this is BAD this article as to why then understand my take on this...I agree with Coupon Wizards on this one (they posted this deal on their blog as well, but have written this retraction).

I was blindsided by what I understood was a legit offer and a legit stacking/rebate opportunity....I read the rebate offer....I followed it's guidelines....I did everything I was "supposed to do" and I blogged about the deal...(that's just what we do). NOW, I come to find a post via Cilla Saving In Wilmington,NC then cross referencing to the Brita FilterForGood Facebook page....continuing to dig for a well written article on this because I worked ALL day today at my "real" job and fell out of the loop for the day....and I come home to this? Apparently, there are large and popular blog sites that are either putting out or receiving from others information that....well, just isn't theirs to give. According to Brita, they pulled this rebate from their website in September...UGH, I ALWAYS follow the rules of etiquette and ALWAYS try to do things legit! I really hope now that I dont get the rebate...and I would encourage those of you who've not mailed it out this week to chuck it and chalk it up to a learning experience....I'm sorry now that mine hit the mailbox on Monday :(

Tell me what you think!

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  1. What do I intend to do? I intend to, if I receive a $10 from Brita, void it and send it back to them with a short note as to why. Sending a company into financial hardship over a $10 rebate is bad juju for those who enjoy couponing!