Friday, January 20, 2012

Brita Update 1-20 1:49 am, someone is working LATE!

Someone at Brita is working LATE!  So they changed their minds? *sigh* I'm still not going to cash the check. I guess someone at Brita didn't change meta tags or pull all the links to the rebate offer (which is what the big blogs keyed into) so, they are trying to do the "right" thing by honoring them....HOWever, the bigger blog sites have uploaded and shared this information themselves and it really wasnt theirs to share so both were in the wrong. You do the math....$10 x (too many to even think about) = OMG the company economics just got an enema! Personally, I'd like not to be a party to that type of a financial crunch...would hate it if people lost their jobs over this due to forced cutbacks just because I wanted MY $10. OK, #nuffsaid you decide ;)

♥ Manda

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