Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lowes shopping trip Super Doubles 1-23-13 saved 75%

I was kinda bummed to find out the shelves are cleared of the Glade candles...but what would you expect when you can buy 2/coupon? And me being a bonehead today forgot to put my Activia coupons into my clip....seriously?   :(
But anyway...I had to have a few things this week and since Lowes didn't have anything to call a great deal on stock ups, I went for the things I need.  It pays to have your loyalty cards electronically registered (online)...I had a $10 instant credit (I think off $40 before coupons) that came off the top.
This group of items regularly would cost me $65.63

Used $2.00 printable off the grapefruit (no more prints) = FREE
Potatoes $1.77
Onions $1.77
Portabellas sliced 89¢ea (Murraysville store has these on markdown and they look great still...I use them fast)
Kretschmar ham used $1.00 off/lb from their Facebook page = nice for deli meat ($5.99/lb ea pound, bought 2lbs)
Wholly Salsa Tomato (LOVE THIS!!) Used $1.50 off printables x 2 and $1.00 off from the paper x 1 = 50¢ for all 3 (2 were FREE)
Bread on sale
Coffee creamer (as important as water in my house)
I had my $10 instant credit and 3 bag credits = $10.15 off the top
Paid $16.63 OOP plus tax (saved) $49.01 or 75%

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