Monday, January 7, 2013

1000 Fan Millennium Giveaway!! Craig MP3 player and coupon inserts!

Facebook Friends Millennium Giveaway!

I've talked for a while now about our 1000 fans!  But, due to our renovations, move, holidays then the lack of decent coupon inserts, there hasn't been a good time to offer anything for 2nd through 4th place, but we do now with the awesome inserts that came out Sunday!!

Here's the deal...Facebook doesn't want us to giveaway anything on our pages that has monetary value to it without using a 3rd party application (due to legaleze of liability and blah blah :rollseyes:)...problem with the 3rd party app is requires you to give it permission into your Facebook account (similar to Farmville or other games...nothing sinister) and it also offers the giveaway to random people who use their application.  Well, this is what's wrong with readers have all stuck with me through all the crap of 2012 which included the Florida Fiasco, the Concord Craziness, my Daddy's Departure from this world, our house purchase, renovations, this is for my Facebook Friends....even if you came on board recently, or your friend shared the page and you JUST got here, it still includes you :)

This will run from today January 7th at post time, through Sunday January 13th at 7pm 7pm or shortly after I will draw the winners and announce them HERE in the comments and on a separate blog post << note this!
BUT I will make a post on Facebook as well that the winners have been chosen.

What's the catch?  Well, if we could do this on Facebook without jumping thru the hoops they have about sweeps and giveaways, there would BE no catch...but since we're doin this out here...there are a couple things that need to happen...

1.  Like my Facebook page ;)~  hehe...easy, eh?  If you're here, you should already like it!

2.  Comment below on THIS post and let me know how saving money helped your family in 2012 and what your name is on my Facebook page if it doesn't match your Google handle (verification that you're truly a friend of my Facebook page)...would be nice if you became a member on this blog too.  ;)

....that's IT....that's all ya have to do :)  Although, if you'd share my pages with your (there are tabs up the left hand column) and on Facebook, that would rock!  I'd love to see us grow!

**You're wondering how you win??  Well...that's easy....Everyone who posts will be entered into by your post number...the first 4 numbers it draws will be my winners...totally random and totally without bias...that's the way we roll :)

♥ Manda

1st prize* (see the fine print below)...

* I am in NO way giving a refund, return or guarantee with this little MP3 is new in the packaging and it's FREE on my understand this...if it breaks or has other issues, it could make an interesting paper weight ;)

2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes...
A BUNCH of coupons!!
Complete inserts from the Raleigh News & Observer 1/6/13...(3 sets to be given away)

GOOD LUCK!!!   Thanks to ALL Ya'll!!  ♥ Manda


  1. Couponing paid for all my Christmas expenses last year!! :)

    Debi Chase Hogan

  2. Manda, I have saved over $3,000 this past year using coupons and I keep learning more and more thanks to bloggers and "teachers" like you! I have been hit hard by the economy -- downsized... :( and this has helped to cover the lost wages! I really appreciate all of the time and effort you put into helping the rest of us! Thanks! Lisa Cohen.

  3. - I'm a fan on your page!
    - I just HAVE to do better with keeping my coupons cut and following weekly deals in the stores (both grocery and drug!) Seriously...a MUST

    Stephanie Williams

  4. I'm a stay at home mom and have been using coupons for two and a half years. I'm still learning lots of things. This past year, with all the savings, I have started a small stock pile. I have been able to afford extras that I wouldn't been able to otherwise. I appreciate all your and everyone else advise. Thank you Jamie Grubbed!

  5. Gloria Vaughn attempted this post but Google spit it back at this is her spot ;)

    Manda, I give up , Google hates me, LOL but this is what I wrote:
    I have saved so much this year which has helped me be able to afford meat, LOL. Really it has helped me to be able to afford other things my family may need and I love the fact that with a stockpile, if we are short , we still have what we need. I also have so enjoyed being able to donate things when needed. One of my friends and I did a full shop for the Ronald McDonald house... Great to know I can help others as well as my family. Gloria Hinkle Vaughn on Facebook....
    Glad you are back !!!!

  6. I am a busy SAHM, with a small farm and I enjoy that you post all your savings and do the work for me to save so much with coupons. Thank you for this great blog!

  7. Well since I am a college student couponing has helped out so much by not having to spend more money that I don't have. Not to mention every time someone does a triple or double coupon event I feel the need to say I accept your challenge and with your help I get just about everything. Thanks so much for all you do definitely saw a difference when you were fixing your house up!
    (Krust Fenton)-Facebook

  8. As a stay at home mom I never leave home without my coupon binder....thanks for the help
    Theresa Young Cowen

  9. I just started couponing at the last part of 2012. Being a single mother of 5 little ones, it has helped me save enough to start putting away for a Zoo trip for the kids and myself in the spring =)

    Traci Davis

  10. I save money each week which allows more family time activities, but have been a little crazy with the holidays, hoping to ramp back up in the new year. I am a fan on facebook, who wouldn't be?
    Taylor Casteen Barbour

  11. I have been able to donate lots of goods to several needy organizations and individuals as a result of all of my savings due to couponing. Thanks to your help and a couple others out there, it is so easy to do!! Thanks for all your time and work! Patricia Owens Brookman

  12. Couponing has really helped my family this year - because I was laid off in June and I have not been able to find a job yet. We have a 2 year daughter and without all the diaper coupons and etc. - I am not sure that we would have made it. Thank you for all your advice and tips - My family appreciates all the work you put into your blog, facebook, etc. Patricia Flake Thornton

  13. With one child and one in the way, saving money any way I can is awesome! I feel like couponing allowed me to have food for my family and more money to do fun things with my son. My fb name is jenny barry lachapelle. Thanks!

  14. I'm a stay at home mom/wife. If it wasn't for couponing we wouldn't be able to afford a lot of the food we can get by using coupons. Couponing is my life and helps us out in a big way not just with food but with other items such as oil for the vehicles, school supplies, etc.

  15. Brittney Shaw's spot. These folks are added due to issues getting a post to submit for them...they've contacted me on Facebook about it.

  16. Couponing helped me & my husband save for expenses associated with our new bundle of joy in 2012! Now with one boy & one girl, couponing is more than important at our house! Thanks for helping make it possible!
    -Nikole Mozzani Silva

  17. We now plan our trips to include several stops, saving on gas. Have your coupons planned too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Couponing helped me pay off my student loans this year. My facebook name is Ashley Hewell.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  19. In 2012, we couponed our way to Disney!
    FB - Wendy Samuels

  20. I have only been doing this under a year. I am still amazed how much I can save.
    FB-Wendy Fantini

  21. Manda thank you so much for spending your time helping others!!! You truely have blessed my family this past year by helping me save money on products we use everyday! I look forward to getting on here everyday to see what deals you have found for us. I have saved thousands of dollars I know just by following your blog!! Thank you from the bottom of my familys heart :) FB Melissa D Pearson

  22. After the birth of my June 2012 baby, we lived off the stockpile for 6 weeks! Awesome, since I had no money coming in. Not sure how we would have eaten without it!! Thanks for all your couponing help! Could not have done it without you.

  23. Thanks so much for the information you give to us. I have been following you for about 6 months now and you have been so very helpful. My couponing is taking over , in a good way, food costs have most definately gone way down and my stockpile ,LOL, way, way up. Thanks for your service. Carmen

  24. Thanks for sharing your ideas! I have just begun couponing and have so much to learn! Thanks for your help!
    FB Polly Wilson

  25. I am new to "serious" couponing and your blog/fb page has been tremendously inspiring! Thanks!

  26. This spot is for Candice Hayes :)

  27. So happy to have you back on board with us! I have saved over $3,000.00 this year with coupons, can't imagine shopping without them now. Thanks for all your help.
    Cheryl Henry Smith

  28. From Amanda Sinsel....
    I am glad to see you are back after the move and renovations. Hope it all went well. Thanks to you and a few others out here for your match-ups, it has made it a lot easier for me.
    FB Amanda Sinsel

  29. Sarah Marie Prevatte
    Hi I commented on your blog and like Gloria I do not see my comment ;( I came across your page today thanks to Wect and I've already started reading your blog thank you your ht trip put my 56% savings to shame lol

  30. couponing has allowed me to donate much more stuff to the food pantry as well as to friends and family. it also allowed us to amass quite a large stockpile that we are eating from while my husband is back in school full time. thank you. liza frake

  31. I'm just learning about how to coupon and I greatly appreciate all the information you provide here! I also just finished my first batch of laundry detergent using your post with the "recipe". I'm Lorain Mendleson on FB.

  32. Hi Manda! I have loved using your site as well as others this year to save money. I got into couponing when I had my youngest daughter in December 2011 so this has been my first full year. Some of my favorites have been the free schick razors and almost free laundry detergent. Couponing and learning to live more frugal has helped my family save tons of money this year. My 18 yr old daughter and her boyfriend always bring their own coupons to the store now! So proud of them! We have a small stock of lots of items and have learned to buy stuff at different times of year. Right now I already have toys for my niece and nephews for their birthdays and some for next Christmas by buying them 75%off plus store coupons, awesome! We have been able to afford clothes and things we never thought we could before! I will never pay full price again,lol! I love coupons!
    my face book name is Roxann Hewett Gore, my other email is

  33. Hi, Well my husband was hurt on the job back in 07, he has been on workers comp since then until Oct. when they just stopped his checks. We have 4 kids and food isn't cheap for them since they are from 21-15 in age. Couponing has helped me to stretch as much as I can. Turns out that last week on the way to church which is when i get my papers I had to rush the husband to the ER, diagnosed with kidney stones so I was in hospital all day and unable to get papers. This would be a great thing to win so I could get the inserts I missed. Thanks so much for all your help, you really are amazing at couponing and I get many deals courtesy of your posts. My fb name is AngieMcSweeney.

  34. We have winners :)
    Winner of the MP3 player is #6 Liz McKernan
    Winners of a full set of inserts from Sunday 1/06:
    #4 Jamie Grubbs
    #13 Patricia Thornton
    #30 Sara Prevatte

    Gratz to everyone!! Please either send me an email via this blog or a message on Facebook with your mailing address. I will get to the post office within the week!