Sunday, September 16, 2012

Home Improvement Savings Saturday 9-15-12

 My sweet Lowes find Saturday !!

Even I was amazed yesterday!  We went shopping for some house basics like flooring, bathroom vanity, kitchen.  First we stopped at Surplus Warehouse on Market St.  We picked out 17 cases of kitchen/pantry ceramic tile, 5 cases of large decorative entryway ceramic tile, 5 cases of vinyl planking, a 48" bathroom vanity markdown, a dead bolt and  a tool...they were having a promo where you spin a big wheel, most of the savings were 5-10% that you could hit...there were a handful of 25% off and one 50% off spot....hubby spun the wheel and hit for 25% off our whole purchase!  he saved us $182!  *note* the vanity ended up at $75!
THEN we went to Lowes and were cruising thru the bathroom stuff...back in the BACK of the store we found our vanity top!!!  OhEmGee!  I find this top, said something too hubby which a guy over heard me...he and his wife circled like vultures until we picked it up and literally pushed it around with us in our cart while we continued to talk about it HAHA.  It was on a damaged vanity (which we didnt need since we bought one at the other place) damage at all....not sure the full retail price, but the FIRST markdown was $208...and it goes from there...I bought it for ....  $49!!  So if you are careful, even some of the most obscure things can be had for a HUGE savings!  I got my vanity AND top (with sink) for $124 total!  Wish I had a pic of the vanity but I dont and it's in a holding area with Surplus Warehouse for now.  

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