Thursday, September 6, 2012

FREE and/or CHEAP Progressive Recipe Starters at Lowes Foods!

We have a nice savings at Lowes Foods this week for those yummy Fall soup starters!!  

**note**you must buy SIX of these to get the bonus fuel rewards.

You must use the 50¢ coupon found in the 8/19 SS or coming up in the 9/9 insert...
or you can print up to TWO per computer at  :)
$0.50 off Progresso™ Recipe Starters™ sauce $0.50 off Progresso™ Recipe Starters™ sauce

THREE scenarios!!  Please read before you go to your stores!!

If you go for the 10¢/gallon fuel rewards you'll pay 56¢ each at the Leland location who triples or 97¢ each at locations which double .... note *you can only multiply 3 coupons per you wouldn't get all 6 for free but the fuel bonus would balance that out :)

If you do not go for the fuel rewards and simply buy THREE at the Leland, NC Lowes Foods (which triples) you will get all THREE for FREE and still make 50¢ back from SavingStar for a little money-maker of 50¢  :)

If you shop at other Lowes Foods stores (which will double your 50¢ coupon) you can score these THREE cans for 22¢ea after your 50¢ back from SavingStar

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