Wednesday, September 5, 2012 Savings Club FREE for one year!

I tossed around becoming a member of Savings Club....paying per year just didn't excite me much.  Then came a day where I really REALLY wanted a coupon that the Club offered for a stupid amount off something I can't buy enough of, so I signed up, paid my $30 and am soooooooooo glad I did!!

NOW thru the whole month of September, you can sign up for FREE for ONE WHOLE YEAR!!

Get premium coupons in the Savings Club

Get a FREE 1-year membership ($30 value) to the Savings Club! (Use Promo Code: BIRTHDAY)

Here are some examples of what is available right now....see the Comet Bathroom Spray $2.00 off wyb 2?  That will be $4.00 off when it doubles :)  So even at regular price that would make them 69¢ea the week of Super Doubles at Harris Teeter  ;)

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