Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lowes Foods Hot Deals for week beginning 8-29-12

Lowes Foods week beginning 8-29-12
**I still need to call to check on triples over in Leland NC...these are based on all the locations.

Heinz Ketchup 32-36oz or squeeze bottles $1.48
            Use 50¢ off from SS 8/19 = 48¢ or FREE*

Mayfield Ice Cream on BOGO $2.99
            Use 75¢ off ONE from SS 8/5 = $1.49 or 79¢* in leland

French's Yellow Mustard 14oz on BOGO 99¢
            Use 30¢ off ONE from SS 6/24 (exp 8/31) OR use 30¢ from Frenchs.com

California Olive Ranch EVOL on BOGO $5.19ea
            Use $1.25 off one from SS 8/19 = $3.94
            OR use $1.50 off one from SmartSource.com use 90210 zip code. = $3.69 (reg price over $10)

Keebler Chips Deluxe on BOGO $1.89ea
            Use 55¢ off TWO from RP 7/29 = $1.34ea or $1.07* in leland

Hellmann's Mayo 22-32oz on BOGO $2.74
            Use $1.00 off ONE from Hellmann's when you sign up

Dean's Dips 12-16oz $1.50
            Use 85¢ off any TWO from Coupon Network/Catalina = 65¢ea OR 15¢ea if you use SavingStar $1.00 off any TWO (stacks)
            This means a 55¢ money maker on TWO* in leland (since SavingStar is deposited in an account and not taken at register yes it will be an overage for you)

Heluva Good Dips 12oz $1.79
            Use 50¢ off ONE from their website = 79¢ea OR 29¢* in leland
            Also a $1.00 off TWO from their Facebook page

Kraft Catalina:  There are several ways you can work this at Lowes Foods this week :)

            Kraft Salad Drassing 16oz on BOGO $1.74ea
                        Use $1.00 off TWO from Coupon Network/Catalina = $1.24ea

            Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs (must use 16oz so look for them) on BOGO $1.99
                        Use $1.00 off TWO from Coupons.com =  $1.49ea

            Kraft Singles $2.50
                        Use $1.00 off any ONE from Coupon Network/Catalina = $1.50ea
                        and/OR use $1.00 off any TWO from Coupons.com = $2.00ea
            Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese on BOGO $1.89
                        Use 55¢ off TWO (Touch of Philly only) = $1.34ea or $1.07* in leland

            Velveeta Shells & Cheese $2.00
                        Use $1.00 off any ONE from Coupons.com (NLA)= $1.00ea
            Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese $2.00ea


*IF Leland continues Triples!

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