Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Harris Teeter Ad Copy Match-ups for week 8-8-12 Super Doubles

Remember, any coupon up to $2.00 will double this week at Harris Teeter.  You may use up to 20 coupons/day (yes this is tracked via your Vic card).  If the coupon states "do not double or triple" and has the new barcode, it usually wont scan, if it states dnd and has a barcode that begins with a "5" then it could...will depend on your store (YMMV)  Your coupons will stack with eCoupons/ZVRs AND stack with offerings from SavingStar 

***remember this...always take a non-confrontational approach when something doesn't go as planned...most generally it is a mistake on your part (I know from experience).  And if it is a mistake on the part of Harris Teeter, they will happily fix it and fix it FAST...you just dont want that reputation of being a pain when you shop in their stores!

Gatorade (8 pk) 3.97 (Limit 2)

Buy Two, Get Three Free (First Two Ring Up at Full Price):
Ocean Spray Craisins (5 oz)
Old Orchard 100% Juice Blends
            Use $1.00 off 2 printable from their website
Powerade (32 oz)
Zatarain’s Jambalaya (8 oz)

Buy One, Get One Free (Each Rings Up at Half Price):
Aquafina (24 pk)

Arnold's Sandwich Thins $1.84
          Use 55¢ off printable courtesy of Rubbermaid
Blue Bunny Ice Cream (64 oz)
            Use $1.00 off from coupons.com (zip 02904)
Deer Park Water (24 pk)
            Use $1.00 off TWO Doritos Brand Tortilla Chips, any 12 oz or larger (can only use ONE)  From Pepsico 7/22
Emerald Almonds (11 oz)
            Use $1.00 off any TWO printable from Capbell's
Expo Markers (4 cnt)
            Use $1.00 from there Facebook page
Fresh Step Cat Litter (19-20 lb)
Fruit 2O
GUM Flosser (40 cnt)
            Use 55¢ off ONE or $1.00 off TWO from SS 8/5
GUM Toothbrushes (2 Cnt)
            Use 55¢ off ONE or $1.00 off TWO from SS 8/5
Harris Teeter Ice Cream
Hefty Slider Bags (40 count Quart)
            Use (2) 55¢ off from their Facebook page PLUS $1.00 eVic ZVR for 2 (there is also a 55¢ ZVR both are loadable so you have a potential of extra savings on THREE) = 42-47¢
Mama Lucia Meatballs (25.6 oz)
McCormick Taco Seasoning
Nissin Chow Mein (4 oz)
Pepperidge Farm Cookies
Pepsi (12 packs)
Pepsi (6 pk)

Post Spoon Sized Shredded Wheat
            Use $1.00 off printable from coupons.com = FREE
Pop Secret Bowls
            Use $1.00 off any TWO from Campbells
Ritz Crackerfuls
            Use $1.00 off any TWO from their Facebook page OR $1.00 off any TWO from SS 8/5 (4.05-27.5oz)
Sara Lee Bread (20 oz)
Smithfield Pork Baby Back Ribs
Utz Potato Chips
Wholly Guacamole (7 oz)
            Use $1.50 off from their Facebook page OR $1.50 off from SS 7/29 OR $1.00 off from SS 8/5 (1 per transaction)
Zatarain’s Frozen Meals for Two

Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks $1.39/lb

Cubed Steak $4.97/lb
Ground Beef (93% Lean) $3.77/lb
Lamb Chops $3.97/lb
Ribeye Steak 6.99/lb
Ball Park Beef Franks  $3.50
            Use 75¢ off TWO (states do not double/triple with new barcode) from RP 8/5 OR 75¢ off TWO (doesn't state dnd - has new barcode) from Pepsico 7/22
Barber Stuffed Chicken Breast $4.00
            Use $1.00 off from their website
Boar’s Head Cracked Pepper Turkey $8.99/lb
Gwaltney Bacon (12 oz) $3.00
Hormel Pepperoni (5-8 oz) $3.50
Jennie OTurkey Burgers (32-48 oz) $8.99
Johnsonville Sausage (12-16 oz) $3.50
            Use 55¢ off from SS 6/10
La BellaTurkey Sausage (16 oz) $3.99
Land O Frost Premium (16 oz) $4.00
            Use 55¢ off ONE from their website OR $1.00 off any TWO from RP 6/24
Nathan’s Franks (14 oz) $3.50
Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat Deli Fresh (16 oz) $4.99
Perdue Fit and Easy Ground Chicken (16 oz) $3.00
Tyson Frozen Chicken (29-32 oz) $ 4.99
            Use $1.00 off on Frozen Tyson Grilled & Ready if included from SS 5/13

Bartlett Pears $1.59/lb
Broccoli Bunch $2.00
Cherries $2.49/lb
Earthbound Farm Organic Salad Blend $3.50
            Use 75¢ off any Earthbound Farm Organic product from their website
Peaches and Nectarines $2.79/lb
Peppers (Orange, Yellow, or Red) $2.50
Russet Potatoes (5 lb) $3.79
Watermelon, seedless $3.99 each

DiGiorno Pizza (30-36 oz) $6.99
Farm Rich Snacks (20-26 oz) $5.99
            Use 75¢ off any one printable
Healthy Choice or Marie Callender Entrees $2.00

          $2.00 off any FIVE eVic ZVR
Hunter Sherbet $2.00
Red Baron Pizza $3.33

Refrigerated Items:
Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond Milk $2.50
            Use $1.00 off TWO Blue Diamond Chilled or Shelf-Stable Almond Breeze Almond milk from SS 7/22 (one per person)
Bob Evans Side Dish $3.50
Born Free Eggs $2.50
Chobani Little Champions (4 pk) $2.50
            Use $1.00 off any one 4pk from their website
Daisy Sour Cream (24 oz) $2.59
Dannon Oikos $1.00
Kraft Cheese (Chunk or Shredded) $2.00
Kraft Cheese Singles $1.79
Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough $2.00
            Use $1.25 off TWO printable from coupons.com
Shamrock Farms Milk (12 oz) $1.00
            Use 50¢ off TWO from their website
Silk Soymilk Fruit & Protein Drink (32 oz) $1.50
            Use $1.00/1 Silk Fruit & Protein qt or larger from SS 7/15 OR 75¢ off printable from Soymilk website = FREE
Tropicana Orange Juice (59 oz) $3.00
Turkey Hill Tea (Gallon) $2.00
            Use $1.00/2 Turkey Hill Drinks, any half gal+ (Limit one coupon per transaction) from RP 7/22

Cheerios (14 oz) $2.50
            Use $1.00 off any TWO from SS 7/15 or GM 8/5 OR 50¢ off printable from coupons.com
Cottonelle Toilet Paper (12 rolls) $5.99
            you'da thought with all the coupons out there for Cottonelle, we'd have a score on this one
Honey Nut Cheerios (12.25 oz) $2.50
            Use $1.00 off any TWO from SS 7/15
Kashi Cereal, Heart to Heart $2.99

            $1.00 eVic ZVR on 3
Kellogg’s Pop Tarts $1.67
            Use $1.00 off THREE from GM 8/5 (must buy 3) = about $1.00ea
Kind Bars $1.25
            Use 50¢ off from their Facebook page
Mott’s Applesauce (6 pk) $1.79
Nature Valley Granola Bars $2.50
            Use 50¢ off TWO printable from coupons.com OR  50¢ off TWO from SS 6/24 PLUS 50¢ back on TWO from SavingStar PLUS 50¢ off TWO eVic ZVR
Nestle Juicy Juice (64 oz) $2.88
            Use $1.00 off any TWO Juicy Juice from Walmart website
Old El Paso Taco Shells $1.25
            Use 60¢ off THREE from Kroger's website (this is a Manufacturer's coup9on =)
Quaker Instant Oatmeal (11.8-15.1 oz) $2.50
            Use $1.00 off any TWO printable
Smucker’s Simply Fruit (10 oz)

Aquafina (1 Liter) $1.00
Gatorade (32 oz) $1.00
Gatorade (6 pk)
Lipton Tea (12 pk 16.9 oz) $4.99
            Use $1.00 off any TWO 12pks (and others stated) from Pepsico 7/22
Maxwell House Coffee (29.3 – 34.5 oz) $8.77
Pepsi (2 Liters) $1.50
            Use 55¢ off Pepsi Next dnd from Pepsico 7/22
Special K Protein Shake (4 pk) $5.50
Starbuck’s Coffee (11-12 oz) $7.99
            Use $1.50 off from SS 6/17 = $4.99*ea  (nice)
Vitamin Water (6 pk) $4.50

All Liquid Detergent (50 oz) $3.99
            Use $1.00 off any ONE from RP 7/29 = $1.99*ea (nice price)
Keri Lotion $3.00
            Use $2.00 from their website = FREE
Bic Disposable Razor (3-7 pk) $4.99
            Use $2.00 off any Soleil Disposable (if included) from SS 7/8 = 99¢ OR
            Use $3.00 off ANY Bic Disposable from SS 8/5
Five Star Theme Books $3.00 Off
            Use $1.00 off any TWO 5-star products from RP 8/5
Flintstone Multi Vitamin Products $5.99
            Use $1.00 off any one from coupons.com OR $1.00 off from RP 7/29
Harris Teeter Your Baby Diapers (22-31 cnt) $5.99
Kit & Kaboodle Cat Food (3.15 lb) $3.33
Kleenex Boxes $1.33
            Use 50¢ off any THREE (50ct+) from SS 7/8
Palmolive (25 oz)
            Use 25¢ off printable from Colgate
Purina One Dog Food (18 lb) $18.77
            Use $1.50 off (multiple listed varieties) 16.5lb+ from RP 7/29
Viva Paper Towels (6 rolls) $6.99
            Use 50¢ off from their website OR 25¢ off from SS 7/8 (Check for "Big Rolls") 

Text ad copy courtesy of the moderators at Hotcouponworld.com

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