Wednesday, August 22, 2012

General Mills & Harris Teeter's Stock Up Fuel Up Promotion

As of today at 3pm 8-22, this is not working...yet.  Corporate is aware of the issues I had with this...I will eventually get my gas card since my ZVRs are used and I bought product AFTER ZVRs = over $30 but BEFORE coupons.  

I have edited this because I always forget that your balance HAS to be AFTER your ZVRs come off since it triggers the offer to print via the total on the machine.

Click HERE for a list of all the participating items!

***There is NO indication that this $30 has to be after coupons***   But..make sure your $30 is AFTER ZVRs!!  ;) 

so we're going to run it this way....

Once you buy $30 in participating products (this example is $30.92) you will get a coupon upon checkout with a redemption NOT lose this ;)  keep it safe until you get home...
THEN you go to and enter in that code you received...from there just follow the prompts to choose where you wanna use it.  The promo ends August 28th which is Tuesday BUT..... You have until October 31st to enter your codes.  You may do this up to 5 times 

Totinos Pizza rolls buy 3 = $4.50
            Use $1.10 printable from PLUS .75¢ eVic ZVR
            PLUS .75¢ deposit from SavingStar  = 63¢ea

Hamburger Helper buy 10 (get a couple of each beef, tuna, chicken) @ $1.00ea = $10.00
            Use 75¢ off THREE (doubles) from OR from SS 7/15, 8/5 or 8/19 = 50¢ea

Pillsbury Frozen Grands! Biscuit sandwiches (2pk) buy 1 @ $2.00
            Use 65¢ off (doubles) from PLUS 55¢ eVic ZVR PLUS 55¢ SavingStar deposit = 20¢ money maker

Totino's Party Pizzas buy 5 @ $1.25ea = $6.25
            Use $1.10 off FIVE from PLUS $1.00 eVic ZVR PLUS $1.00 SavingStar deposit = 65¢ea

Betty Crocker Frosting buy 3 @ $1.67ea = $5.00

Chex Mix buy 1 @ $2.00
            Use 60¢ off (doubles) from PLUS 50¢ eVic ZVR PLUS 50¢ SavingStar deposit = 20¢ money maker

Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough buy 2/$5.00
            Use $1.10 off TWO from PLUS $1.00 eVic ZVR PLUS $1.00 SavingStar deposit = 95¢ea

Product total AFTER ZVRs come off = $30.20

Bottom line...after all coupons, doubled coupons, eVic ZVRs and SavingStar deposits you will pay $13.65 OOP plus tax  ($4.30 from SavingStar which will deposit in a few days) .... $18.20 at the register. 
Once you get your SavingStar deposit and your gas card (mailed to you and used) you will have paid $3.65 OOP plus tax for your groceries ;)  NOT a bad deal!!  

***Keep in mind...this will depend on a couple variables...have you used your ZVRs already?  I have used some but not all....AND are you a member of SavingStar and have registerd ALL your cards with them so they have them on file...and/or have you already used them...they are single use??     My trip will be a bit different and I will pay a buck or 2 more than this example...but it's still going to be pretty awesome!!

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