Wednesday, August 22, 2012

General Mills Harris Teeter Gas Card Glitch Issues...

Originally, I bought:

9 Hamburger Helper @ $9.00/9
2 Betty Crocker Frostings @ $3.34/3
5 Tortino Party Pizzas @ $6.25/5
2 Pillsbury Cookie Dough @ $5.00/2
3 Tortino Pizza Rolls @$4.50/3
1 Grands! 2pk frozen biscuits @ $2.00/1

 = $30.09

My ZVRs took me under the mark and from past experience, doing that messed up the P&G deal, so we were worried it would affect this one I got an additional Hamburger Helper for $1.00 and another Betty Crocker Icing for $1.67
making my total just over $30 AFTER ZVRs came off....

After all coupons my total was $17.xx before tax  (Melissa kept my receipt since we ran this thing a total of 7 times different ways so I don't have it right now)

My SavingStar savings will be $4.05 so I paid OOP right around $13.00 and change. 
I am going to get my Gas Card code to redeem via the mail because they know it should have worked ... and probably should have worked the first time regardless of the ZVRs but I have no way of testing that now since mine are gone and I have my ONE card for my household ;)

Melissa ran this several times...we ran a couple times in training mode which we thought might have caused the code not to she ran it all again in live mode (she's such a GREAT person!) and gladly just reversed each sale.

We ran it WITHOUT coupons and ZVRs which gave us a balance of $34.75 and it STILL didnt she got on the phone to Corporate and they are looking into it to get it fixed.  Melissa will call me back when they find out the problem and get it fixed.

SOOOOooooo...long story longer, for $13.xx I got all my groceries and my $10 gas card.  In the long run its an AWESOME deal, but in the short term it ended up being a HOT MESS  ;)

I will let you know when they get it working and what they find out!!

Sorry for the confusion...this is why I like to run a deal like this when I put it out for ya'll to run too!!

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