Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baked Stuffed Green Tomatoes

My experiment today to use my FREE ground pork and cheap tomatoes we've gotten this summer...

Baked Stuffed Green Tomatoes 
(This is MY exclusive recipe...if you use it, then I'd appreciate some credit)
**note** I only used HALF of the stuffing and reserved the other half for another recipe this week, or maybe some more of these =)

1lb 90/10 Ground Pork (I got this free with coupons recently) browned with garlic & onion (I used onion powder)
Cook 2 cups white rice - 3 1/2c water to 2c dry white rice
Cut off the tops (core tops) then scoop out all the meat/seeds in 6 medium-large green tomatoes (I only had smalls-mediums this time) chop up what you scooped out...reserve

Combine Pork, cooked rice, reserved chopped green tomato pieces from inside and one can of diced tomatoes (16ish or so ounces), salt and pepper.

Stuff your tomatoes...I used the tops to prop them upright so they baked properly. 
Pour over a can of tomato soup diluted with about half a cup of with grated Parm cheese and bake at 375 covered with foil for about an hour or until bubbly throughout...don't bake too long or your tomatoes will be mushy.

I ate just under half of these which really filled me up with a piece of fresh corn on the cob =) 

Estimated calories:
Pork 4oz = 200
1 cup rice = 220
1/2 can tomato soup = 135
Grated Parm = 60

total serving count ~ 615cal

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