Saturday, June 23, 2012

Microsuede Couch Cushions CAN be Washed!

At least mine can be!
I have a microsuede sectional and 2 dogs = sand, fur and just plain wear they needed washed...I wish now I would have taken the before shot but here is the after of one half of my sectional after I washed them.
I turned them inside out and washed 2 at a time on COLD/GENTLE cycle with detergent and a double rinse cycle.  I then put them in the dryer for about 5-7min on the lowest heat/gentle tumble...then put them back on the foam while they were still pretty damp...placed them in the sun.  NO problems!  I wouldn't do this often, but for a deep cleaning on a rare occasion, it worked like a charm!  =)  No $$$ to professionally clean them...your frugal tip for the day!

The flash makes the middle look a bit light...but they're all the same!  Clean!

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