Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lowes Foods Ad with Matchups for week beginning 4-25-12

The entire Lowes Foods ad is BOGO this week....

93% lean ground beef $2.64/lb << decent price
Arnold Slice Breads $2.15
Bakery fresh 6ct cinnamon rolls $1.49
Bertolli pasta sauce $1.49
Betty Crocker Boxed Brownie Mixes $1.25
Birdseye Steamfresh (select varieties) $1.15
            Use 50¢ (doubles) off any 2 from SS 4/1 = $1.30 for 2 or 65¢ ea
Blue Bunny Champ cones 6-10ct $3.09
            Use $1.00 off any 1 novelty carton IPRINTABLE on their website
Carolina Pride jumbo franks $1.59
Carolina Pride sliced ham $1.79
Carolina Pride smoked sausage $1.89
Chipotle pork loin roast $2.74/lb
Coke 2L 89¢
Filippo Berio Olive Oil $4.85
            Use $1.00 off IPRINTABLE from their website (email signup)
            OR $1.00 off from SS 1/15 **expires 4/30**
Fresh bulk Italian sausage $1.99/lb
Fresh ground pork $1.99/lb
Fresh packed meatloaf mix $2.24
Fresh pork chops $1.99/lb
Fresh pork sausage $1.74
Grape tomatoes $1.99
Hershey Theater box candy 75¢
Hormel Cure 81 Diced Ham 12oz $4.99
            Use $2.00 off any one (check coupon limitations states "ham" no size or type IPRINTABLE from their website
Hormel Pizza Toppings $2.50
Hungry Man dinners 14-16oz $1.99
Jumbo canaloupe $1.84
Kar's Sweet/Salty mix 12oz $1.39
Kellogg Fruit Snacks 8oz $1.49
Kelloggs Cereal (select varieties) Honey Smacks, Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies
            $1.00 off any 2 from SS 4/1
Kraft singles 16oz $2.10
Land O Frost sub kit 20oz $3.50 **watch for possible coupon 4/29 inserts**
LF center-cut bacon $1.99
London Broil $3.49/lb
Luigi's Real Italian Ice $3.99
Moon Pie Double Decker 22oz $1.87
            Use 55¢ off one (if included...check coupon wording closely) IPRINTABLE HERE
Mrs Butterworth syrup 24oz $1.94
Nabisco single serve tray packs $2.99
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice 64oz $3.99
Perdue fresh skinless chicken breast $2.74
Perdue frozen 2.5 chicken tenderloins or breast $7.49
PHilly-Gourmet Turkey patties $4.50
Pictsweet steamables 8-10oz $1.10
Plumrose Deli Shaved lunchmeat 7-9oz $1.99
Ruffles Chips $2.15
Sedgefield Pimento Cheese or Chicken Salad 12oz
Smart balance spread 7.5oz $1.25
Snow crab clusters $5.99/lb
South Mill white mushrooms 8oz $1.25
Steak-Umm 21oz $5.99
Sun Laundry Detergent (Fresh Rewards eOffer limit 2 free) $1.49
T&A Romaine Hearts
Tetley Tea Family Sized Bags 24ct $1.24
            Use 65¢ (doubles) off 1 box to make these ** FREE ! **
Tribe Hummus 8oz $1.74
UTZ Cheese Snacks $1.64
Zesta Saltines $1.49

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