Sunday, March 11, 2012

Healthy Choices Review of Coupon Inserts 3-11-12

Since the Star News coupon inserts fell on their face yet again, I will be reviewing the Raleigh News & Observer today for healthy choices.  I am only listing coupons that are considered food or beverage items....I mean come on...soaps and deodorant just makes us SMELL good...not exactly feel or look good on the inside ;)

There are not an over abundance of healthy choices today as I've seen in the's more of a 50/50 situation but leans more on the healthier side.  Several good and several not-so-good choices for your health.  Healthy choices depend on your own personal health needs...many people stay away from fats and cholesterol.  This is basically what I base my reviews on as this is most generally what I use in my own day to day...but, always remember to read the label for full nutritional information.

Red Plum food coupons....
Better Choices

  • Quaker Yogurt Granola Bars
  • Emerald Nuts (high in fat but higher in health benefits)
  • Super Pretzels
  • Eggo Waffles (they come in fat free and whole grain)

Questionable Choices

  • Jimmy Dean Quesadilla or Fully Cooked Item (only consider the turkey types and read the label)

Wouldn't Recommend

  • Nothing really qualifies here for this insert today

Smart Choice food coupons....
Better Choices
  • Ken's Dressing (choose the light or fat free)
  • Classico Pasta Sauce (most generally tomato based pasta sauces are fine...beware of creamy sauces)
  • Yoplait in various forms (yogurt is always a great choice)
  • Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks
  • Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
  • General Mills Cereals (you can't go wrong with cereal...either for breakfast or for a sweet crunchy dry snack
  • A-1 Sauce (great choice to substitute for butter or sour cream on baked potatoes)
  • Caribou Coffee (coffee has no calories ... it's the stuff ya put in it that makes it fattening ;)
Questionable Choices
  • Adkins Bars (there really isn't a good substitution for a healthy meal)
  • Hamburger Helper (any boxed items are HIGH in sodium content but if it is fat and calorie control only for you, you can make these with 93-96% lean ground or choose the tuna labels AND remember, just because it calls for butter or oil, you generally do not have to add it to your dish, just add a couple tablespoons more of water.
  • Maruchan Noodles (1/2 the container of the chicken type has 280cal and 12g fat)
Wouldn't Recommend
  • Johnsonville Italian Sausage
  • New York brand Frozen Garlic products
  • Fun-Da-Middles (special occasions only...but these are great fun for kids)
  • Pillsbury (Love the products, but they're most generally killer for a diet)
  • Kahiki Products
I'm still able to buy the healthy choices with coupons....I just have to dig down deep inside to conjure up the willpower again to ditch some pounds =)  I have a healthy stockpile, but will still turn around and buy junk LOL

Here's to your health!
♥ Manda

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