Friday, March 23, 2012

Harris Teeter Triples Event week of 3-21-12 Trip #2 Saved 78%!

Harris Teeter Triples event trip #2

Product total regular price = $78.44

Spent $17.20 OOP before tax =)
Saved 78%!

The Barber Cordon Bleu were on BOGO, but I did not have a triple coupon for the, I had $1.00 off each which made them $2.99 for 2.  Otherwise, the rest of the items had triple coupons.  The Gorton's is a really sweet deal this week!  They are also on BOGO with a 50¢ off coupon that triples!  The Dole pineapple has a Catalina 50¢ OYNO when I bought 4 cans which made my pineapple 11.5¢ ea when I bought 4.  

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