Friday, March 9, 2012

Harris Teeter Issue...was this MY blunder or THEIRS.....discuss ;)

***Please see below for an UPDATE from 3-10-12 (the afternoon after)***

Please study the pictures carefully...the 3 little yellow peelies came off the lean ground beef as you can see above the green sticker...under the peelie is a Philadelphia Cooking Creme recipe....

The peelies in question....

This is the coupon I used on the Philadelphia Cooking Creme....X3 which were NOT on sale but I use them regularly.

HERE is the scenario....The night manager at Harris Teeter Mayfaire here in Wilmington, NC....Sarah Y refused to scan and accept the peelies that came from the meat FOR the meat...yet they accepted the Philadelphia Cooking Creme coupons.  She called herself   "The Coupon Queen" and proceeded to tell me I was not allowed to "stack" these coupons in this manner as I was required to purchase both the cooking creme AND the beef to get the $1.00 off the ground beef.  Oh REALLY?!  I thought I HAD purchased both items...after about a 10 minute discussion I left the store and decided to take this up with HT Corporate for a more educated answer, Corporate tends to address issues such as this pretty quickly, and if I'm wrong, well...then I'm wrong, but I can't see how I am.

Several months ago, Lowes Foods offered a similar offer for chicken and Philadelphia Cooking Creme (which was on SALE that particular day)...the meat coupon attached to the cooking creme but the manager was very apologetic and fixed it immediately so the meat coupon came off as well.  I have NEVER had an issue such as this for coupons with $$ off DIFFERENT items regardless as to whether they were purchased together or not.  The peelie clearly states off the BEEF, not off the PHILADELPHIA COOKING CREME.  

As I was leaving the store, she continued to try and teach me how to coupon by telling me "If you have a buy one get one free coupon for say, deodorant, you cannot use that AND a coupon for the one you buy".  I didn't BUY anything with a BOGO coupon.  I just politely walked away....I love that store and I am very disappointed in the way this particular manager acted this evening.  I expect higher standards from Harris Teeter than this.

****UPDATE**** 3-10-12 (the afternoon after)

Here is an update for you...YES, I still LOVE "My Harris Teeter" at Mayfaire. I went there today to pick up my Saturday eVic special Charmin (they restocked the eggs and Philadelphia Indulgence by the way) and spoke to Melissa who was on for Management today. She asked me how I was and I told her of my dilemma last evening in the store. After her review, she felt it was proper to honor the beef coupons, so she fixed that part of my shopping trip. I'm still waiting on Corporate to address this and let me know what their take is on it...but I'm more interested in them "educating" their off hours staff to their coupon policy :) All's well that ends well...I just wont be shopping there outside of my regular times again LOL. I still say that store has one of the BEST management teams around! Thanks to @Melissa for using her head and great customer service skills today!  Ya'll need to know that Scott and Melissa really enjoy helping us understand what goes wrong if a coupon scenario goes bad whether it be our fault or theirs, they are quick to fix it or tactfully explain why it wont work.  So yeah...ya'll can mob my favorite store, just dont do any shelf-clearing so that I can't get my stuff    ;p
♥ Manda


  1. Amanda,
    Tony and I both looked this over and we don't get what part of it she didn't understand. The peelies are pretty clear. It seems Sarah may need further education.

    1. Yes, I believe they are abundantly clear...I think the worst part of the whole experience was the manager/supervisor on duty with her holier than thou attitude and literally telling me, and I quote... "I am The Coupon Queen". THEN proceeding to give me a lesson in, I'm not perfect, but I do know how to read a coupon!! I think I'm more upset because I love that store so much and the other managers and GM that run it! :(