Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Creamer Carton Seed or Plant Gardening Starter Pots

I kept staring at these empty cartons since I'm such a coffee with creamer freak.  I knew there HAD to be a good use for them....and I've FOUND ONE!  Re-use/recycle into Creamer Carton Seed or Cutting Starter Pots!!

I use the small ones but you could cut down the larger ones to do the same thing....

1.  Cut the carton in half and remove cap
2.  Turn the top over and place it into the bottom
3.  Work it down until it's tight enough not to dislodge
4.  Fill with dirt
5.  Grow  =)

The advantage of this is 3 fold...#1 you re-use re-cycle, #2 you save money on starter pots and #3 this little pot has a drainage hole that will feed your plants water as needed...just make sure you don't over water it so the water reaches above your drain :)

Yes this is my original feel free to share but please link me back...thanks!  :)

♥ Manda

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