Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sweet Jack %50 off deals...What's all the BUZZ about?

As I was working yesterday (I drive a lot for my job) the Sweet Jack jingle got caught in my head!!  I live in Wilmington, NC and he just came to use recently.  So, I went to check out what all the BUZZ is about this pooch!
On Sweet Jack's website, you pre-purchase deals from local sources.  Nick's Diner here this week is offering $10 to spend for $5.  Well, that is a pretty nice deal really.

A couple more current offers:

Vic's Corn Popper!  $25 to spend there for $12.50?  Yeah, that's a score!  My office can tear UP some Vic's popcorn!

Planet Smoothie!  $20 to spend there for $10!


Sweet Jack is famous all over the pick your area and enjoy some great %50 off deals!!

♥ Manda

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