Friday, January 20, 2012

Spaghettio's Printable could get you as low as 37¢ - 48¢ each

The last time this coupon was available it was a godsend for me as my little niece came to visit for a while...55¢ off 5 at first glance doesn't sound like too great of a deal...UNTIL they go on BOGO at say Harris Teeter making them 70¢ each x 5 = $3.50 - $1.10 (doubled Q) = $2.40 for 5 or 48¢ per can after coupon! is a chance to print and stalk this deal

SAVE 50¢  55¢ off 5 cans printable from

...if you get REALLY lucky, we'll have a triples event (hint) and these will also be bogo...making them 37¢ each ;)  it can happen!!

***at time of post, Harris Teeter has an eVic ZVR savings to add to your eVic for 55¢ off 5...(ZVRs will stack (but not double) onto paper coupons***

♥ Manda

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