Thursday, January 19, 2012

More food for thought for the nay-sayers....

I've said this before and I will keep saying it as long as there are people out there who will say..."all that stuff you get with coupons is bad for your wonder coupon users are all fat!"  Well, yeah, I'm a big ole girl...but I have been since the beginning of time...but I do eat healthy and keep the chub at bay as best I can!  So, today, when the inserts came out...I wanted to break them down for you to see just how "UNhealthy" the coupons are....and how much healthier it would be to pay full price for everything you put in your mouth...*sarcasm off*

The following pictures are of the food related items and a favorite healthy supplement in the 1st Smart Source insert I cut today...the rest of the coupons were non-food related...*insert sarcasm*  See all the unhealthy items I can buy?  Fresh chicken breasts, Boca Burgers, Whole Grain pasta, dried fruit...etc *sarcasm off*

Smart Source insert #2

Let's take a look at all the unhealthy items in this insert....again, these were all the food related and a vitamin coupon...the rest were non-food related.

And...just for the laughs....lets look at Red Plum and what unhealthy choices I have in that's a tip...your Manwiches are only as fattening as you make them...Manwich sauce is fat free ;)  If you put it into fatty meat, then yeah...well, you increase the calorie count by more than it needs to be...add it to 93-96% lean ground beef and you have a healthy choice!

Ok...all jokes and sarcasm aside...I believe manufacturers are actually taking a look at consumer demands and are migrating a bit more towards healthier choices.  I hope this information is of benefit so's was meant as a humorous attempt at defraying some of the negative feedback that coupon users hear frequently!
Here's to your health!

♥ Manda

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