Thursday, January 19, 2012

Introduction Post

Hi there =) 

My name is Amanda and I am a semi-retired Critical Care nurse from the NC coast.   I was introduced to couponing a couple of years ago by my sister who is a stay at home military wife and mommy of one (for now ♥).  I have since found it both challenging and rewarding to foster this frugal lifestyle into one that allows me precious time for the things in life that really matter...those things outside a 40+ hour work week.

I have since moved from simply clipping and using coupons, to spoiling two of my four favorite babies Penny and Zoe with healthy homemade doggy treats (my two kitties Shooger and Booger are too finicky for mommy's treats), making my own laundry detergent, shopping online with deep discounts and taking my DH (dear husband) out for dinner for a  50% off or more!  This year for Christmas, I'm making homemade presents for friends and family...BUT, I can't tell you what they are (yet) because that will ruin the surprise!!  ;)

I have had such fun with developing a frugal lifestyle that I feel the need to share it with anyone who has an interest in hearing about it, learning about it or simply wants to share their experiences with me.  I was inspired to begin this blog back as the Holiday rush began to run full throttle.  The insane amount of savings I  found would have boggled my mind just a few years ago! I can recall $300 grocery runs a couple times a month for my DH and myself, that is now completely out of the question!  =)  My grocery bill runs 40-75% lower now!  Just a couple years ago, I wouldn't have even bat an eyelash at shipping fees...this year I'm scoring free shipping as well as cash back!

♥  Manda

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