Thursday, January 19, 2012

Frugal Tip on Kitty Treats!

HAHA my kitties are treat oriented! They demand them...they actually do things to get them...but I'm 3 servings from being out ... they tear me up in kitty treats and they wont touch anything homemade I've given's your frugal tip ....

If you're kitties spend tons of $ on kitty treats and you're stock pile is depleted, try this...Fancy Feast is my brand of HT you can get a 16oz bag for $3.15 regular price...and if you look, kitty treats, unless free with coupons, run you about $1.50-$2.25 for 3oz so multiply that by .... 5 = 15oz so you are paying $7.50-$11.25 for an ounce less. The kitties really cant tell the difference in them....they only know that the treats come from the TREAT JUG they don't know the difference =) if you have a Q off the Fancy Feast its even better...

So, even regular price, I've saved you $4.35-$8.10 on kitty treats =) NOW, stack a FFeast coupon onto that!! CHEAP kitty treats!
THIS is your frugal tip for today!

♥ Manda

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